$25 iTunes Giftcard Contest [Sponsored by Guaranteed Buyback]

Update Feb 21, 2011: This contest is now closed. The randomly-determined winner is Liz for her comment “Only 10%??? That’s…a lot. Now I see how these services get great reviews. very sneaky. Yay for cheap textbooks!”

Contest Details

For a chance to win a $25 iTunes giftcard all you need to do is watch the video below and leave at least one comment on this post about at least one of the benefits of Guaranteed Buyback (info below).

Enter as many times as you would like.

The winner will be announce Monday, Feb 21, 2011.

Guaranteed Buyback

Guaranteed Buyback is the new way to get your textbooks for even cheaper-er than renting.

How many times have you bought an expensive book (whether at school or online) hoping that the high expense will be worth the buyback price only to have your school turn down your buyback request? BookByte tries to make it a little easier on students by offering textbooks online at a discounted price!

We want to talk about textbooks… with benefits. Sounds sexy, right? It is. Think of it as a guaranteed hookup with no strings attached that leaves everyone satisfied.

Who knew learning could be so hot? With our Guaranteed Buyback program’s huge… savings… it is!


Here’s an overview. Guaranteed Buyback can help you:

· Save money on textbooks
· Unload your textbooks at the end of term
· Earn a 10% rebate for returning your textbooks
· Save on shipping – they’ll pay for it!

The textbooks you need for even cheaper-er? Now that’s hot. Start right now: Guaranteed Buyback

15 Thoughts on “$25 iTunes Giftcard Contest [Sponsored by Guaranteed Buyback]”

  1. I checked the prices for books I just bought and the books are cheaper than buying full price and then selling them on half.com.

  2. Count me in!

  3. The 10% rebate is a great idea. Way cheaper than the alternatives.

  4. I like the free shipping. Shipping usual kills these types of deals.

  5. this is a great idea. i’m sick of the tricky so-called “buy backs” from the book stores such as barns&noble.

  6. You can purchase the book if you really want it later. Very cool.

  7. Late fee free! Cannot go wrong with that!

  8. a textbook that leaves your backpack as easily as the knowledge leaves your head. Vundebah.

  9. Only 10%??? That’s…a lot. Now I see how these services get great reviews. very sneaky.

    Yay for cheap textbooks!

  10. I agree with Ning–WAY better than Barnes & Noble’s buyback policy! Cheaper to start with, too. Good idea! :)

  11. Also, great job making textbooks sexy. LOL.

    “Guarantees Buyback’s huge…savings…” hahaha


  12. very cool!

  13. This is a great idea I love that the shipping is free and there is no late fee.

  14. i like the idea of buying it cheaper and then getting money back for it with no shipping or late fees. great bargain =]

  15. yayyy i like to keep my books forever <3

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