EQ (Emotional Quotient): Why It’s Crucial for Your Applications

If you’re a college student focused on your studies and GPA, you probably don’t think much of your EQ, but this is in fact something you should think about even before you graduate. EQ or emotional quotient measures emotional intelligence—something some may dismiss as unimportant, holding to the outdated concept that IQ rules all. We […]

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Somebody That I Used To Know – Goat Version

Here at College Being we like goats:

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The Day the Earth Stopped Masturbating Trailer [Friday Funnies]

Would you stop masturbating? For those that haven’t seen it, they the basic concept from Death Note.

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Boundless – Open Source Free Textbooks?

A new website has popped up offering an alternative to buying ridiculously expensive college textbooks, completely free. Boundless takes content from all over the Internet (i.e., mostly Wikipedia) and organizes it into chapters based on your textbook’s subject. You just let them know what textbook you need for class and they will create an alternative […]

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Forbes’ America’s Best Colleges

Is college worth it? Forbes says, most of the time, no. Unless you happen to make it to the top of their America’s Best 650 Colleges annual list. Forbes’ America’s Best Colleges list is annually updated and one of the many ‘best college’ lists available to prospective undergrad student. It looks to answer the simple […]

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