Yummy Protein Bar Recipe: Make Protein Bars on the Cheap

Protein bars have to be one of the most expensive things I buy at the super market. Here is a nice video teaching us poor college students how to make our own protein bars. You can make a bunch and eat them in between classes. Plus, by her accent, I think that girl is Brazilian. […]

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Fun Things to do with Extra Condoms

Condoms. I get them from everywhere. From Student Health Services, to people running for student council. Heck, even my mom gives me condoms (don’t even get me started on that one). There is only so much sex someone can have in a day, so here are some helpful things you can do with condoms to […]

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The Top 10 Reasons YOU Should Be Voting for John McCain

The following is a guest post by webwork and Bowflex Home Fitness on the top 10 reasons why you should vote for John McCain in the upcoming election: 10. “Well, basically, it’s a Google.” –on how he’s conducting his VP search, Richmond, Virginia, June 9, 2008 9. “We should be able to deliver bottled hot […]

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Friday Funnies: President Bush Is Executed

Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and George W. Bush were set to face a firing squad in a small Central American country. Bill Clinton was the first one placed against the wall and just before the order was given he yelled out, “Earthquake!” The firing squad fell into a panic and Bill jumped over the wall […]

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Lower Back Tattoo Remover

Ah yes, lower back tattoos are super hot on young college-age girls, but not so much on middle-age moms. The following video takes a humorous look at what not many girl out there think about: What is going to happen to my tattoo in twenty years? My favorite line is “Studies show that next to […]

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