Black Sheep: The Greatest Movie of All Time

Yes, that is a sheep eating a man’s face. Courtesy of IMDB. Let me start by saying this: Black Sheep is a movie about genetically engineered, man-eating sheep. If that makes you think “Oh man, what a great idea for a movie!” continue reading. If you think that sounds retarded, skip this article. This movie […]

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Booze Reviews: Burnett’s Dry Gin

I’m not much of a liquor person. I used to chug Captain Morgan by the bottle, but since I learned to like beer, and found that I can actually enjoy alcoholic beverages instead of choking them down for the sole purpose of getting hammered, I haven’t been much for liquor. Gin, however, has always been […]

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Booze Reviews: Red Stripe

Forgot to do this over the weekend, when I actually had Red Stripe, but nonetheless I think I remember it well enough. Red Stripe is a Jamaican lager, distinguishable by the oddly shaped bottle (similar to Sessions Lager) and, of course, the red stripe. It’s not exceptionally hoppy, but still has a good flavor to […]

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Booze Reviews: Newcastle Brown Ale

Today on Booze Reviews, one of my favorite beers: Newcastle Brown Ale. This beer is sold pretty much everywhere in the US, for not too much money–about $1 a bottle. This is unless, of course, you live in Utah where it’s the utterly ridiculous price of $2.35 a bottle at the state liquor store. Newcastle […]

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Booze Reviews: Pabst Blue Ribbon

A lot of college students tend to drink really crappy booze. Therefore, I have decided to start doing booze reviews so that you can hopefully drink better alcohol, or at least get your money’s worth. In Utah, that last bit is more difficult than you might think–state run liquor stores control the pricing of all […]

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