Best Sites to Find College Text Books

Paying for college can be a nightmare. Overinflated prices, dormitory rentals or apartments off campus, a drop in the amount of work for students… that is the reality of university that we are often confronted with when the time comes to apply. What a bleak image it is, too. While there are scholarships and grants […]

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Best Smartphone Data Plan for College Students

Being a Droid user I hate to admit it, but the king of smartphones is undoubtedly the Iphone. A week after its release the Iphone 4s was in the hands of 4 million people. However, with Appleā€™s newest Iphone comes the addition of yet another cell phone provider, Sprint, leaving us to wonder: Which cell […]

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Ten Amazing Open Courseware Resources

One of the enduring beauties of the internet is the anarchist philosophy that shaped it in the early days. For many years and to a lesser degree still today, you can find things free on the internet that would cost you money in a more traditional marketplace. This open access concept has been picked up […]

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Write to Impress: Impressing Your Professor

One of the best things anybody can do in any class where essays are involved is to really get to know the professor. A good understanding of what your professor expects in your writing will serve as a compass, leading you through the time consuming writing process steadily and unwaveringly. But how do you acquire […]

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Five Mobile Apps Every College Student Needs

College is one of those paramount times in an individual’s life. Distinctly designating the time between adolescence and adulthood, there are many things that take place in college (some of which we never wish to visit again) to mold us into the responsible adults we will once become. Of course, while our time in college […]

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