How To: Build Your Own Loft Bed

The following is a guest post by Tom Dudeck of He has some nice projects listed on his site along with loft bed plans you can buy. Be sure to check it out. Dorm life can be difficult. It involves somehow fitting all of what once fit in multiple rooms into a space no […]

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Choosing the Right Credit Card

This article is sponsored by, a great resource to compare student credit cards. Having a credit card of your own is an essential part of life. You are in college now, so you should at least have a credit card to start building your own credit (even if you do still use your mom’s […]

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Date Raped

Girls (and guys dating stronger women): Date rape is more common than you might think. Most women do not report them. Besides never leaving sight of your drink, you need to be a little defensive if going out with someone you do not know. Just keep that in mind.

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Simplify Your Life: Turn Off the Cell Phone

As I was walking home from class today, I noticed a group of three people huddled together. They each had their cell phones out and were looking at them. You could tell they were friends, but you could also tell how distracted they were with their shinny new phones (one of them had the new […]

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A Modern Day Romance: A Fictional Account

Mixing Facebook and relationships is like mixing peach schnapps and calculus. Jonathon Berlin on the Chicago Tribune website explains this to us in a way we can understand: To find out the continuation of Kevin, Jennifer, and Amy’s love triangle story, visit the Chicago Tribune.

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