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CollegeCandy‚Äôs Guide to On-Campus Jobs College Candy has a guide to five of the most useful college jobs including being a tutor, bartender, sports staff, and more. Desk Job: […] If you can snag one of these jobs, you will be envied by ALL of your friends. Basically you are getting paid to do your […]

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Boundless – Open Source Free Textbooks?

A new website has popped up offering an alternative to buying ridiculously expensive college textbooks, completely free. Boundless takes content from all over the Internet (i.e., mostly Wikipedia) and organizes it into chapters based on your textbook’s subject. You just let them know what textbook you need for class and they will create an alternative […]

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Last Day to Register to Vote

Today is the last day to register to vote in California. The deadlines in many other states have already passed. Remember to do your part and vote! If you have never registered to vote before or have changed your address since the last election, you will need to register. Here are the deadlines: Alabama – […]

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Ning Jiang: Save lives, one filter at a time

One of our readers, a UCSB graduate student, Ning Jiang, alongside the nonprofit Safe Water International are currently raising funds to help develop a super-low cost filter to be used in Malawi, Africa, and possibly many other areas of the world. We thought the project was awesome and it deserved a plug. Check out the […]

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Open University: 60-Second Philosophy Lessons

Open University gives us 6 philosophy lessons in under one minute each:

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