New Features to Play With :)

I have been working hard these last two days to make College Being a whole lot better for you guys. Let me go over some of the things I have done so you can congratulate me already. Open registration. For the first time ever at College Being, anyone can register! An RSS feed. Check out […]

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New Theme

We just finished installing a new theme and design. There will also be a new logo as soon as our designs are done with that. If you have any comments on the new design, let us know below. If you have some design experience and want to submit a potential new logo, contact me.

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…And We’re Back

Now we are fully operational and should not go offline again. Thanks for your patience!

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Downtime to Drink a Beer

Hey guys and gals. Just letting you know that we are upgrading our servers in the next two days and so you might experience a bit of downtime depending on when you are trying to access the site. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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College Being News 2.0

Today marks the new version of College Being available to the general public. Thank you for staying with us through these long months of remodeling. New changes will continue to be released now without interruption.

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