small changes

Hey guy and gals, I’ve been doing small little changes to the site. I removed the suggest menu item from the top since nobody seemed to use that and replaced it with “random”. What is random? Well, I think that is easy to figure out, but give it a try and see which of our […]

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new records

So it’s Sunday night and now that I quit my regular job to work on my company, I don’t have to get up early tomorrow morning. Why does that matter? Well, for me it means I get to drink a few beers before sleeping and for you it means that you will get a friendly […]

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Good morning everyone. As of yesterday, college being is now owned by 2Leaf Web Development, Inc. 2Leaf is a new company on the internet market, and their acquisition of college being will surely increase their value. You can see that I have changed our copyright notice on the bottom of this page as well as […]

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i’m famous! well… no.

So I was looking on one day, and I found this. Guess what ladies and gentlemen? I could have been famous, because you know why? Because I decided one day that I would browse I found this little picture of the bunny, and decided to add some text and use it as […]

9 Thoughts interviews chris, a free college classified search engine, has just interviewed me on their blog. It was an honor and Dan is such a nice guy. His website is truly awesome, check it out. Read the interview here to find out who is my anti-role model and if I use MySpace or Facebook.

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