Start Saving Money with Vonage Mobile

[Full disclosure: College Being has been paid to write the following post.] Vonage Mobile is a new app available on the iStore and the Andriod Market which allows you to text and call anyone around the world for free or for a low, fixed rate. You can call/text other U.S. and Canada Vonage Mobile users […]

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Why You Should Run a Background Check on Your New Beau

Do your boyfriends keep turning out to be criminals? Tired of finding out too late that your girlfriend is a compulsive liar and a kleptomaniac? In this day and age, you can never be too careful about you who date. Appearances can’t be trusted, and information new acquaintances give you could easily be false. How […]

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The Worst Reasons for Selecting a College

If you ask your parents, there is one reason and one reason alone why you are attending college: to get an education (that will allow you to one day support yourself so you don’t end up living in their basement until you’re 35). But you probably have some other ideas. You want to make friends, […]

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How to Pick Up Chicks on Campus

College girls are just as horney as guys. How you go about picking them up will seperate you from the herd. Here are some tips on picking up college chicks: The Gym – Not the Good Kind of Sweat Girls are used to be looked at, checked out, and hit on at the gym. And […]

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Adobe Contest Winner: Costel Sandu

Costel just won $2,600 worth of Adobe software in the Adobe Contest that just ended. For those that did not win, you can still buy all Adobe products at up to 80% discount if you are a student. Be sure to do it before you graduate to be eligible. Visit this link for more information: […]

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