The Worst Reasons for Selecting a College

If you ask your parents, there is one reason and one reason alone why you are attending college: to get an education (that will allow you to one day support yourself so you don’t end up living in their basement until you’re 35). But you probably have some other ideas. You want to make friends, […]

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How to Pick Up Chicks on Campus

College girls are just as horney as guys. How you go about picking them up will seperate you from the herd. Here are some tips on picking up college chicks: The Gym – Not the Good Kind of Sweat Girls are used to be looked at, checked out, and hit on at the gym. And […]

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A Look at StingyCampus

StingyCampus, our Wii For Free partner, is a great resource for college students. On Stingy students can buy and sell items/textbooks, search for housing/roommates, get entry-level jobs/internships, share class notes, and receive discounts at their favourite stores. Each school has its own page keeping it secure and personal. Search for your school right on their […]

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Glory Daze – Show Introduction

[Editor’s Note: Although all opinions expressed on College Being are those of our individual authors, we were paid a fee to write the following article. This fee will not influence our opinions.] Glory Daze is TBS’s exciting new comedy about a group of freshman college students joining an average but fun fraternity. Hilarity ensues. The […]

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What We Are Thankful For

College Being is thankful most of all to you. Our readers motivate us to continue to write. Keep us informed on how we are doing and we will continue to change and make the site better. Love, Ace and the College Being Team

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