what happened to the speed?

As some of you have been noticing and emailing me. We have been just short of the seven posts per day promised earlier in the week. To make up for it, I will do something I did not want to do. That is, I am going to be posting during the weekend. I will do […]

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a lesson on picking classes

How does a college student go about choosing which classes to take or when to take them? Well, for me it is mostly the luck of the draw, but sometimes you get lucky. In this article I will give some suggestions of what I think makes a perfect college class schedule. Minimum number of lab […]

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tech problems fixed

college being was having some problems getting the posts from our new authors up right away. This was a bug with my daily deals script which filtered out certain results from showing up on the homepage. I have disabled this part of the script for now so all posts will be immediately visible. Due to […]

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I have just spam-proofed the entire website. Now no matter where you post your email spam bots will be unable to identify them. If you don’t believe be just view the source of a page that has an email listed like the contact page. Also, remember that your emails are always safe with us and […]

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new staff member: nick

Hey guys. Today, we got another staff member here at college being. Nick has been a friend of mine since high school and from what I have seen so far, he is a pretty good writer. He will surely add value to our community. If you’d like to contact him use the new contact form […]

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