7 Ways to Get Your Roommate to Leave You

I just moved into my new apartment and met some strange dirty guy that told me he is to be my roommate. If something similar happens to you, you may want to read some of the following tips Chris wrote up about getting your roommate to leave you:

roommateDue to the controversy of my 7 Ways to Get Kicked Out of Class, I decided to just write a similar story in the hopes of pissing off some more humorless people.

Here is the best ways I could think of to try to get rid of your roommate either to get a new one or not have a roommate at all. I have only tried a couple of these so am not entirely sure they will all work.

1. Stay awake until your roommate is sleeping and then secretly take pictures of him or her. Show all your friends and laugh about the different sleeping positions your roommate has. An alternative to this is to film him or her, especially if he or she snores.

2. When you have some free time, find your roommate and watch him or her. Correct whatever it is he or she is doing and help them do it the “right” way. Fun things include typing on the computer, brushing his or her teeth, doing his or her homework, sleeping in a certain position, chewing, shaving, and pretty much anything else.

3. Become needy of your roommate. Always ask where he or she is going when your roommate leaves the room, even if it is to go to the bathroom. You can also try calling continuously and asking him or her, “Well, where are you now?” or “Are you almost home?”

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HP Freshman 15: Details

Many of you have been asking about the HP Freshman 15 laptop giveaway College Being and a bunch of other college blogs are partaking in. Our contest starts today and here are the details:

The Laptop

The lucky winner of this contest will win a new HP Pavilion dv7t series notebook along with a bunch of extra goodies including the HP xb4 Media Docking Station and a super-cool and eco-friendly laptop carrying case. The whole prize package is valued at about $1,700. Expect a review of the system coming in the next couple of days, but so far I’ve heard it has it’s own number pad. Seriously, a laptop with a number pad already makes me salivate.

How to Enter

There are three different ways to enter and you can enter through all three ways to increase your chances of winning:

1) You will get one entry into the contest by posting a real (or non-real and funny) reason why you should get the laptop in the comments below.

2) You will get one entry into the contest by posting a comment below about something that can be improved here at College Being to make your experience better.

3) You will get three entries into the contest by submitting an entry into our new Hot College Being of the Month. Both men and women are able to submit an entry. Just click on the link for the full rules.

The Rules

The rules are as follows:

You are allowed to enter up to five entries into the contest. You can mix and match from the above list.

You must use your real name and email address when entering.

The last day to submit an entry into the contest is Sunday, October 12 at 11:59 PM ET.

This competition is open to everybody on earth.

The Winner

The three finalists will be chosen randomly from all valid entries. The first of the three to post a comment on the announcement post will win the laptop. The finalists will be announced on Monday, October 13th.

So, to sum it all up: If you want the laptop, you have a great chance to get it. You can submit up to five entries and get to the announcement post before the other two finalists. Not a bad day’s work for a $1,700 prize.

Note from editor: Please do not write your email addresses in the body comments below as spammers may find your email and add you to their evil spam lists. Just put your email address in email field and you will be safe (from spammers and for us to be able to reach you).

Note from editor: Review of laptop here.


Last Chance to Vote

In continuation to our Are You Voting? and our Don’t Vote! post here is another for those of you that want to make a difference. I received the following email from a strange email address, but the information is still valid. Register and get your absentee ballots now:

Last Chance to Register and Vote!

In most states (including MA) today (Monday) is the last opportunity to register and vote.

If you are from a key swing state in the upcoming presidential election, you are in a privileged position to affect the outcome (assuming you are a US citizen age 18 or over). Please consider using your special status to vote in your home state, where it will count most. If you have already registered in Massachusetts (or elsewhere) that is OK, you can still register and vote absentee in your home state, so long as it is still your permanent residence (e.g., your parents live there). Of course you must only vote in one or the other.

Here is all you need to do to vote absentee in another state: Just download the voter registration and absentee ballot request forms by going to this page http://votebackhome.com/swingstates/ and clicking on your state. Then fill out the two forms (voter registration and absentee ballot request), and mail them together, enclosing a copy of your drivers license or non-drivers state ID (with your home address on it). On the forms, use your residence address in your homestate that corresponds to your state ID. Give your BU address only as a mailing address on the absentee ballot request. Remove the cover page and send the two forms and a copy of your ID to the clerk’s address for your county. If you don’t know your county, look it up at http://quickfacts.census.gov/cgi-bin/qfd/lookup If you are already registered, just send in the absentee ballot request, which does not need a copy of ID. If you have any special situation, find complete information at http://longdistancevoter.org

Hurry: this material must be postmarked by Monday October 6.

Do it now! It really is simple.

Note from the editor: Not all registration dates and absentee ballot application dates are October 6th, but many states are not far off so get off your ass and send that one-page piece of paper!

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5 Tips for Staying on Track as the Semester Moves Forward

The following post was contributed by Kelly Kilpatrick, who writes on the subject of obtaining an online college degree. She invites your feedback at kellykilpatrick24 at gmail dot com.

You’ve been in school for several weeks now, and chances are you’ve had at least a couple of quizzes and maybe even a major paper or test in most of your classes. It’s been an adjustment, getting back in the groove of things, but you’ve got it. Time to relax, right? Think again.

This is a notion that gets many a student in trouble right around this time each semester. Keep up the good work, it will pay off! If you haven’t been doing so well here at the beginning of the semester, there’s still time to rectify the situation. Here are five tips to help keep you on track for the rest of the semester.

Plan Ahead

It’s not too late to start planning ahead for future tests or major assignments. If you have been doing this so far, good for you—keep it up! If you haven’t, work on getting your affairs in order so that you won’t be stressed out when it comes down to crunch time, which leads to the next point.

Use Your Time Wisely

Budgeting your time and making good use of your time is essential to success in college. Use time before and/or after class to review information so that it has time to sink in. Plan out each day, considering your class schedule and down time. Many times, we spend far more time thinking about what has to be done rather than just doing it, so make a schedule and stick to it.

Know Your Professor

It is very important that you establish a rapport with your professor or instructor. It’s never too late to stay after class for clarification on the finer details of a lecture or to ask a question about an upcoming paper. It shows that you care and helps your professor to know who you are and remember you later when you just might need it.

Get a Study Buddy

This is another essential thing you need to do. Perhaps you won’t study one-on-one with this person, but it is important to have the name, phone number, and email of at least two people in each class. If you have to miss class for any reason, they can keep you abreast of any changes to the syllabus or upcoming quizzes; they may have notes to share with you as well. If you haven’t done this, introduce yourself to someone at your next class and get the ball rolling. You may be able to help them out and make a new friend in the process.

Have Fun Within Reason

College is about education, but a social life is important too. You need time to unwind and decompress, so have fun—but be responsible. It is one thing to enjoy yourself; it’s a whole different issue if you go out and get wrecked the night before a major exam. Take steps to ensure that your social life doesn’t overcome your academic life and you’ll thank yourself later.

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Are You Voting: Update

An update to our previous post, Are You Voting? The answer is no:

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