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Hey guy and gals,

I’ve been doing small little changes to the site. I removed the suggest menu item from the top since nobody seemed to use that and replaced it with “random”. What is random? Well, I think that is easy to figure out, but give it a try and see which of our over a hundred stories you land on.

Secondly, I made it so that when a story is “dugg” a button will appear showing how many diggs the story has. Unfortunately this only applies to new stories, but don’t let that discourage you. Digg away.



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new records

So it’s Sunday night and now that I quit my regular job to work on my company, I don’t have to get up early tomorrow morning. Why does that matter? Well, for me it means I get to drink a few beers before sleeping and for you it means that you will get a friendly little message from me on a Sunday.

Today marks a new record for college being, and I wanted to thank all of our visitors (especially those who send wonderful emails) for supporting us and continuing to support us.

The last four days we have had record numbers of visitors. Thursday and Friday we got over 4,700 unique visitors each day and Saturday we got about 5,700. Today though, we got an all-time record of 6,348. Thanks everyone and keep it up! I will try to post more stories than usual this week to keep you guys happy.



[added August 15, 2007: It seems like the day after I wrote this we hit a new record: 8,776 unique visitors. Keep it up guys!]

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7 Porn Movies That Should Have Been: Vol. 1 – Now in Theaters [nsfw]

Below are seven fictional, but totally believable porn movies. Porn movie producers: I want royalties if this is your next big hit. Titles include the following movies: Daddy Day Cramp, Inside Paris, The Boner Ultimator, Under Doggie, Harry Popper 5, Who’s You Daddy?, and Hot Rod.

Jump to see the DVD covers I made using the worst of my Photoshop skills. This is probably not safe for work.

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Good morning everyone. As of yesterday, college being is now owned by 2Leaf Web Development, Inc. 2Leaf is a new company on the internet market, and their acquisition of college being will surely increase their value. You can see that I have changed our copyright notice on the bottom of this page as well as the copyright statement on the copyright page. Besides the transfer of copyrights and trademarks, nothing else will change for you. We will still post every weekday and be devoted to bringing you exactly what you want. Feel free to contact Chris if you have any questions about this.

Note: I have been getting many questions asking me why I am a greedy little guy (I assure you, I am neither greedy nor little) and why I sold out this website which so many people love. Well, I actually gave it away to 2Leaf since this would increase the value of both college being and 2Leaf. college being did not have enough resources to continue to expand and now, by being backed by a company like 2Leaf, we can. So actually, I gave college being away for you guys.

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Booze Reviews: Red Stripe

Forgot to do this over the weekend, when I actually had Red Stripe, but nonetheless I think I remember it well enough.
Red Stripe is a Jamaican lager, distinguishable by the oddly shaped bottle (similar to Sessions Lager) and, of course, the red stripe. It’s not exceptionally hoppy, but still has a good flavor to it. Not much in the way of head, really, and in this case that’s a good thing–lighter lagers shouldn’t be poured with a head.

Though I tend to be a fan of ales and darker beers (stouts, dopplebocks, etc), I enjoyed Red Stripe quite a bit. It’s a beer I’d recommend to anyone who likes light lager. I greatly preferred it to Heinekin or Corona. The place where Red Stripe falls down, however, is the price. Though not overly expensive, it’s not exceptionally cheap either, which means it’s less likely to be purchased by broke-ass college students like you and me. That said though, if you don’t mind the slightly higher cost and you’re a fan of good light lagers, give Red Stripe a try. You won’t be disappointed.