Friday Funnies: No More Bush

The following is a real ad that ran on January 20th by Veet, a hair removal product.

Veet Ad

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The Origin of “Spam”

Many people assume “spam” comes directly from Spam, the so called food item, but in fact it comes directly from the Monty Python skit below. The word was originally referred to by Internet news group users in the 1980s and a decade or so later came into popular culture.


Friday Funnies: Opps I Crapped My Pants

An SNL classic from our childhood:

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National No-More-Bush Day

In celebration of President Bush leaving office, students all over the nation have been shaving their bushes. “Whether you like him or not—and I sure don’t—shaving my [bush] is the best thing I could have done to celebrate,” writes Sue Johnson of Boston. Linda told us, “at least my boyfriend will be happy.” Well, I’m sold. No more Bush.


Friday Funnies: Keeping Your Refrigerator Stocked Will Get You Many Women

Welcome back to school.

This week for Friday Funnies we feature MrChiCity, who has been gaining some popularity in the social media from one of his YouTube videos.

Below he explains a simple way to get many women: