Lulu’s Lunacy: Having Hookers Play Xbox

Hi everyone! It has definitely been awhile since I’ve last posted. Sorry about that. I had finals that kicked my ass so hard that I couldn’t shit correctly for days. Ew gross…I know, think about how I felt. Anyway for today, I was actually going to write a rant about my sufferings during finals and the injustice that the world has just served me, but I won’t. I found something that made me feel a lot better about myself. So the story goes like this. My roommate came home at 4pm last night (completely not drunk…) to tell me about this boy. Here’s the entire article quoted. It’s simply too good to just summarize for you.

A 13 year old boy from Texas is convicted of fraud after using his Father’s credit cards to hire escorts.

A 13 year old from Texas who stole his Dad’s credit card and ordered two hookers from an escort agency, has today been convicted of fraud and given a three year community order. Click to continue reading…


5 Reasons Why the MacBook Air Sucks: Macbook Air Parodies

Apple’s newest laptop, the MacBook Air, is being talked about by everybody, though it has some serious issues.

Reason number 1: You can fit it in a manila envelope.

This is the best only selling point of the product. Well, quite frankly, it sucks.

This is the original Apple MacBook Air 30-second ad spot:

Reason number 2: It costs as much as my ten-year-old Jeep Cherokee.

I know I paid $300 for my iPod, but come on Apple! Click to continue reading…


Complete Short Movie: Spider

The following 8-minute video is the complete short movie “Spider.” It was directed by Nash Edgerton and produced by Aussie film company Blue-Tongue Films.

The film has been shown at the Sydney Film Festival, Melbourne, Telluride, Cork, AFI Fest in L.A., and others.


[Source: Blue-Tongue Films]


The Gold Standard

I was talking to my friend the other day about how much I love the gold standard and how I wish we still had a similar precious-material-based monetary system in the U.S.

She looked at me and said, “I thought we were on the gold standard.”

Well, we are not. The following short video explains the basics of the gold standard and compares it to the modern system ruled by the federal reserve.

Let us know: Are you pro or con the gold standard? Explain why.


Top 10 Most Expensive Domain Names EVER!

Many news agencies all over the world reported the story of a man named as Chris Clark, who sold the domain name of, which he had purchased in 1994 for only $20, for $2.6 million.

It is amazing when people are ready to pay a large amount of money for something that does not actually exist. Nevertheless, it is well-known that such domain names, which can stand for a whole industry, can be sold for millions of dollars.

Below, you can find the list of most expensive domain names according to Yahoo! Tech. The list naturally only includes the domain names that have been resold. It does not include such names as or, which still belong to their original owners. As a rule, the market value of such domains may considerably exceed the value indicated below.

1., $12.5 million

2., $9.5 million

3., $7.5 million

4., $7.5 million

5., $5.5 million

6., $5 million

7., $5 million

8., $3.3 million

9., $3 million

10., $3 million

Everything seems to be clear with and However, may cause bewilderment. Common logic says that the domain names consisting of only one word are supposed to be most valuable. However, there can be exceptions.

[Source: China Daily]

[2008-05-08 5:29AM: Pictures added and minor edits by Chris]

[2008-05-10 6:22AM: Update by Chris: sold for $10 million on March 11th, was bought by for $11.1 million in 2005, and is unverifiable but believed to have been sold for something between $12 million and $14 million.]