Learn to Fight

Knights FightToday, I will teach you all how to win a fight, i.e. beat someone up (but only if they deserve it). These techniques should only be used for self defense and if there is no way out of a fight. The best way to not to lose a fight is not to fight at all. Before we begin, let me go through some basic fight etiquette so we can familiarize ourselves with them.

  1. No man-verse-woman fighting. Women can be vicious, men, so this is for your safety.
  2. No three-on-one fighting unless you are fighting Jet Li. This is for you Hispanics, especially. Don’t get your primos Juan and Hector to help you out in your fight.
  3. No kicking in the balls (unless he really deserves it).
  4. No ripping each others clothes. This is not a strip show; it is a fight.
  5. Also, you generally shouldn’t hit someone unless they are already aware that you are trying to do so. If they manage to get up after, you might have one angry mo-fo on your behind.
  6. Lastly, do not hit someone after they are incapable of hitting you any more, i.e. if he is on the ground screaming like a little girl. This is generally considered assault even if the other person started the fight.

Alright, now that we know how to be chivalrous let’s get started with some actual fighting tips after the jump.

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apple evolution

With the iPhone coming out soon, why don’t we take a look at what the Apple company has come up with over the years. I remember them being around even when I was a child, but the impact Apple has today in the college world with the iPod, Powerbooks, and now, the iPhone is tremendous. Bill, watch your back…

Just click the image below to see the full image.

apple evolution small

Note: This image is not copyrighted by me. It was taken from tofslie.com.

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this woman can spin both ways

spinning womanHere is a little something to keep you busy for a bit. It is a naked woman that literally spins both ways, in your mind that is. Just look at her and she might appear to be spinning clockwise or is it counter-clockwise? Look at the shadow to help you out. It took me a little bit but now I can make her spin in whichever direction I want just by thinking it. If only real women were this easy to control.

Check out the full illusion after the jump and have fun.

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guilt-free music downloading

Do you ever feel guilty about downloading music illegally? Is your conscience telling you that you should not have downloaded the entire new Justin Timberlake cd for free, but instead payed some $10 and downloaded it from iTunes. Well, I never have this poblem but after the jump I will show you a guilt free way of downloading music.

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Make Your Asian Girlfriend Happy

silent mouseYes, it has been confirmed that Asian girls do not like the sound of a computer mouse clicking. Don’t worry though, because I have just what you need. It is called the Silent Mouse 2 and it will make your Asian woman smile (see picture above). Not only is this mouse silent, but it feels nice too. Just give your Asian girlfriend one of these instead of that stuffed panda you were thinking of.

Some serious information on the Silent Mouse as well as the Silent Keyboard after the jump.

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