ULINX Bracelet Contest: Pick your own $75 bracelet, 5 winners


This contest is now closed. Thank you everyone who entered! To see the winners, go here.

Magnets are fun and bracelets are in!

ULINX is teaming up with College Being to offer five of our visitors their own $75 custom bracelet for free.

ULINX lets you select different bracelet styles and charms to create your own custom magnetic bracelet.

How to enter: Post a comment below. Pick your favorite charm from the Symbols line below and tell us what it means to you. We will select the best five answers. You can enter multiple times but there will be a limit of one bracelet won per person. Anyone in the world is welcome to enter.


Which is your favorite? What does it mean to you? Let us know in the comments section below.

Winner: We will select the best five answers and announce the winners on Friday, February 22, 2013. The winners will each get a free custom bracelet of their own design, priced up to $75.

11 Thoughts on “ULINX Bracelet Contest: Pick your own $75 bracelet, 5 winners”

  1. I like the underground symbol because it reminds me of london.

  2. The dragon fly one is my favorite. Dragon fly is the most elegant and amazing insect. Some cool facts if you are not convinced:

    1. they are predatory insects from birth. dragon fly babies (nymph) can use the appendage on their head as a spear to catch small fish.
    2. a male and a female mate by flying through the air attached to each other.
    3. dragon flies have existed on earth for more than 300 million years! they are ancient and haven’t changed much since dinosaur times.
    4. their compound eyes contain thousands of small lenses, and they can see nearly 360 degrees around them!
    5. like humming birds, dragon flies can move sideways, backward, or hover in place. they are also among the fastest insects on earth!

    To conclude, dragon flies are awesome.



  3. I like the heart symbol. this year I’ve found someone who accepts me for who I am. he is always there for me. he supports me in everything I do, anything that I’m passionate about. no matter if he’s super busy, he will find some time for me. he tells me that it is okay to fail. he gives me that extra strength to try again. I’ve made a few mistakes now and then. I’ve made him go through a whole lot of bullshi*, yet he never gives up. I might not fully understand what love is, but I know that this time, the feeling is something real.

  4. I connect best with the tree symbol. I’ve always felt more at home hiking through a sun dappled forest or swimming in a clear calm lake than in the hustle and bustle of a city. Connecting with nature makes me feel alive and I try in my everyday life to better treat the environment and the other creatures living in it. The tree symbol reminds me that we’re not the only ones on this planet and we need to remain conscious of that fact.

  5. The music symbol represents everything that makes me happy and content. Most of my friends and my husband are musicians and I love them all dearly. Music relaxes me and always helps clear my mind.

  6. I love the headphones symbol. Listening to music is a huge part of my world. I really can’t function without it, at home the radio is on, at work, I’m listening to a different mix everyday. My iPod is my best friend, and my headphones help me connect with my best friend.

    Headphones to me, symbolize personal time spent enjoying something you love, no matter how many times you’ve heard a song it takes on a new quality the first time you hear it through headphones.

  7. The musical note is my favorite because it reminds me that I’m somewhat different and special; that I’m not the same as everyone else. Music has always been really important to me; it’s a big part of me that I want to keep till I’m gone.

  8. I love the Chinese and Indian symbols. I don’t know what they mean but they look the coolest and show that I like different cultures.

  9. I really like the infinity symbol. Its hard to describe but infinity is forever and nothing else can reach it. It is special for that reason and because I am a math major.

  10. The anchor is the most sentimental to me because my dad used to be in the Navy before he passed away. He left me an anchor pendent that looks really similar to this image. I keep it in my nightstand and look at it almost every night before I sleep.

  11. I like the headphone symbol because of the colors.

    I like the peace sign because it reminds me of a pizza.

    I like the lips because it reminds me of that painting of Marilyn Monroe.

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