5 Reasons to Get Outside

So you’ve heard about the dangers of sun exposure, but did you know it could be even more dangerous to stay inside? Quit worrying about your lily-white skin and hit the beach, you’ll be glad you did. Here are five reasons to break out your sunscreen and toast your tootsies.

1. Exercise

It’s so much easier to exercise outdoors. Treadmills are boring! Get out there and see some sights while you run. Play games, like basketball or tennis, and forget you’re even burning calories. Your bike is a great way to get around and a heck of a lot cheaper than gas.

2. Vitamin D

“Two forms are important in humans: ergocalciferol (vitamin D2) and cholecalciferol (vitamin D3). Vitamin D2 is synthesized by plants. Vitamin D3 is synthesized by humans in the skin when it is exposed to ultraviolet B (UVB) rays from sunlight.” At least ten minutes of sunshine is needed daily for your body to produce the vitamin D3 that you need. The major function of vitamin D is to maintain levels of calcium and phosphorus. Vitamin D aids in the absorption of calcium, helping to form and maintain strong bones. Research also suggests that vitamin D may provide protection from osteoporosis, hypertension (high blood pressure), cancer, and several autoimmune diseases.

3. Social

It’s so much more fun to hand around in groups when you are outside than being crammed in a room like sardines. The next party you throw or gathering you have, try to make it outside. If it’s daytime, try a picnic. Fun plus food equals a good time had by all. If it is night, light it up! Tiki torches or even car headlights provide a fun atmosphere and no one will call the cops to tell you to turn down your music!

4. Brain break

Even the biggest geeks need a break once in a while. Study breaks give you time to recharge and reevaluate. Take a breath of fresh air, look at some scenery, and stop to smell the roses. Your brain, and your test scores, will thank you.

5. Experience

If you are stuck in school all the time, studying in the library, or even hanging out in your dorm, you are missing out on experiencing your town. Every place has something to offer. Your town may have an active night life, it may have a boardwalk or beach, it may have a cool historical district, or just beautiful scenery. You’ll never know if you don’t venture forth and look. Don’t be the guy who knows nothing about the town they went to school in. Take the time to explore.

There you have it; five reasons to get outside. Don’t end up a pasty egg-head, get outside and join in on the fun. If your school isn’t big on the out-of-doors, start something yourself. Winter, Spring, or Fall, you can enjoy the outdoors. So take a chance, take a deep breath, and get outside!

This Guest post is by Christine Kane, a graduate of Communication and Journalism. She enjoys writing about a wide-variety of subjects including internet providers in my area for different blogs. She can be reached via email at: Christi.Kane00 @ gmail.com

[All photos free courtesy of MorgueFile.com.]

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Top 7 Worst Tasting Beers (That You’d Only Drink in College)

We’ve all tasted cheap beer. You know that toe-curling malt liquor every college student forces down their gullets on Thursday nights. But hey, what’s college for anyways?

I get it, you’re a broke student on the verge of splurging next month’s rent on cheap thrills and bad decisions. At the same time, it’s not exactly in the budget to drain your entire student checking pounding expensive beer. You can only afford cheap beer. Plus there are more important things to pay for like ramen noodles, electricity, and books.

But you should be warned, there are some downright nasty cheap beers on the market. Join me in a sampling of the 7 worst tasting beers you’d only drink in college:

1. “Camo 24 High-Gravity Lager”

As a rule of thumb “high-gravity” means you’re quicker to the floor. This stuff tastes like a rusty nail, and it’s typically more expensive than Busch Light. Why would you trade “watered-down goodness” for “rusty nail afterburner?”

2. “Big Flats”

There’s a reason Walgreen’s sells this for $2.99 per 6-pack. You can barely buy a 6-pack of cola at that price. Save the $2.99 for Subway coupons or Jimmy John’s customer appreciation days. You’re going to need to eat, and the dollar menu at McDonald’s will taste 100 times better.

3. “St. Ides Malt Liquor”

It’s cheap, bang for the buck, but you’re going to regret choking down that bitter nastiness. Whenever you see someone take a swig of St. Ides, and admit with watery eyes that “it’s not that bad” – then they’re blatantly lying, and you should run the other direction.   

4. “Colt 45 High-Gravity”

**Refer to #1

5. “Hamm’s”

This stuff is a meal in a can. Drinking it is similar to lopping up too much gravy on Thanksgiving Day while simultaneously pounding fruit cake. It’s a brick in your stomach. Not to mention your grandfather drank Hamm’s, and I guarantee the recipe hasn’t changed.

6. “Steel Reserve 211 High Gravity”

Whoa. Buddy. Even the name is scary. Who wants to drink something named “Steel Reserve?” It’s like they bottled and aged Chuck Norris for 60 years before selling to college kids and gangbangers. Not to mention its science:
“High Gravity” x 211 = 211% better chance of you not graduating.
Stay away from this, unless you can withstand multiple roundhouse kicks to the face by Chuck Norris.

7. “Milwaukee’s Best Dry” (or “Milwaukee’s Best Ice” – both equally horrible)

If you’re going to stoop low and drink “The Beast” – please drink “Milwaukee’s Best Light.” At least the after effects on your stomach are manageable. Plus you’re going to look like the Marlboro Man strolling into a party carrying a case of Old Milwaukee’s. Wrong party old man…

In general your best bet is to stick with Natural Light, Busch Light, or Keystone. None are outstanding, but for the price they can quickly lube up your college experience. Happy indulgence!

Phil is launching a shower beer revolution one koozie at a time. If you enjoy beer in the shower like most college students, hop over to Shakoozie.com now!

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College Health Tips: 6 Ways to Beat the Summertime Blues

Image by eflon

Most college students look forward to the long days of summer when the textbooks can be tucked away and eight hours of sleep can be had on any given night. Yet once summer sets in, many people find themselves with a case of the summertime blues. Here are a few causes of summer depression and steps you can take to help things go a little smoother.

1. Schedule Change

Even though so many students look forward to the freedom summer provides an abrupt change in routine can throw your head into disarray. The disruption of not having somewhere to be at a certain time can actually be quite a stressful situation. According to UCLA researchers, staying on some kind of steady schedule over the summer can help improve sleep, decrease boredom and make you feel like you’re still accomplishing something.

2. Seasonal Affective Disorder

According to UCLA, as much as six percent of the United States population suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Most people with SAD suffer in the winter, when the weather is colder and days are shorter. Yet about one-tenth of those suffering from the disorder end up getting bummed out in the summer. Planning a getaway with friends can help keep you occupied and get your mind off summertime depression.

3. Financial Stress

The weight of financial stress can hit college students in the summer. Stress only compounds when the pressure is on to find a summer job and build up an egg nest for next semester. When money’s tight, spending more time with family is a great and inexpensive way to be around people who can help put your financial woes into perspective. Summer is also a great time to rework your budget and come up with a financial plan for next year.

4. Self-Esteem Issues

Summer can be tough on your self-image. The days of shorts and bathing suits tend to make people feel self-conscious about their bodies. Being embarrassed tends to make people withdraw, spend less time with friends and fall into a cycle of depression. To combat those feelings, it is important to recognize what situations trigger those awkward moments and avoid them. A good exercise routine will also work wonders for self-perception.

5. Excessive Heat

The heat of summer can bring out the worst in tensions. Granted, those days spent lounging by the beach or hanging out at the pool are great, but sometimes it is simply too hot. It is all too easy to find yourself spending more and more time indoors. The couch or bedroom can become a depressing place after you’ve spent endless hours indoors. To stay cool and get out of the house, consider a gym membership, yoga class or simply walk around an air-conditioned mall when you get antsy.

6. Intellectual Boredom

College students are used to being challenged on a daily basis. There’s always an essay to write or test to cram for. Yet once summer sets in, many people find the lack of intellectual stimuli downright depressing. A summer class can help you stay focused and knock some credits out of the way. Even when you’re off campus, there’s always the option of taking some courses online to keep your brain fresh. From online health care administration to criminal justice degrees, there are options out there for almost every field of study.

Summer is an important time for college students to regroup and relax. Getting plenty of sleep and staying sharp is an excellent way to stay on an even keel and feel refreshed for next year. The key is keeping your options open and knowing what factors trigger the summertime blues.

Julie Lee loves to write about college education and health. Some of her articles about online college degree programs like health care administration have been featured on several student publications.


7 Guy Questions Answered…

By Eric J. Leech, author of Love, Lust, and Relationships

In today’s world of feely, touchy, emotional, and politically-correct nonsense, many of the worlds most important questions have been left unsaid, unanswered, unrepresented, or just plain unaccounted for. It is these politically incorrect mysteries that most college guys really want to know.

We don’t care how many dating websites it takes to find true love. We’d rather know which ones are putting out the most.

It doesn’t matter what the kilowatt force is behind an atomic bomb. We’d prefer to know the cataclysmic force behind a bean burrito with chili.

We don’t want to be bothered by how many rainforests it takes to energize a single light bulb. We’d opt for knowing how many sexual deviants it would take to screw one in.

With that said, let the infogasm begin:

1. On a ratio of size… which animal “tackle” is considered the most and the least impressive?

Image by Adhi Rachdian

Answer: The smallest tackle belongs to the shrew at 0.2 inches, and the largest to the blue whale at more than 6.5 feet (keep in mind, that’s some pretty cold water).

Runner-up: The runners-up go to the Gorilla with his paltry two inches, and the Rhinoceros with a harem-pleasing two feet.

2. What’s the shortest male erection ever recorded?

Answer: 1.75 inches, and that was the guy, who was willing to come into the Kinsey Institute to be measured. Just imagine the size of the one, who was too embarrassed!

3. What are some of the most common items found underneath roller coaster tracks?

Answer: According to operators, besides the typical wallets, change, and keys… you would also find glass eyes, fake legs, false teeth and an ever-amazing number of bras—and I thought I was having fun on these things!

4. What is the most stupid sport in participation today?

Answer: Chess boxing! Two components duke it out for six rounds in a boxing ring, while playing chess in between rounds. A checkmate or getting ‘checked out’ (knockout) is the preferred method of victory.

Runner-up: Extreme Ironing is the combination of ironing your clothes, while performing your favorite sport (four-wheeling, scuba diving, rock climbing—you get the idea).

5. What was the earliest form of female intrauterine contraception?

Image by clintjcl

Answer: The Egyptians are thought to have used stones placed inside their uterus as sort of a modern IUD (Intra-Uterine Device). Depending on the size of the guy, this would’ve felt like having sex with a brick wall—which would be contraception in itself!

6. How much marijuana would it take to kill the average man?

Answer: It couldn’t happen. It would be impossible to overdose once you lost all motor control, which includes the capability of holding the bud to your mouth. In other words, passing out at a party and waking up wearing a diaper and baby bonnet is the body’s way of saying, you over did it, so now I’m going to put you out before you do any more damage to yourself.

7. Could flatulence, if allowed to build-up, create the equivalent destructive energy of an atomic bomb?

Answer: Absolutely. If a man farted consistently for six years and nine months, releasing it upon the earth’s surface along with a lit match, its properties would theoretically contain the same devastating capabilities of a weapon of mass destruction.

And finally…

Bonus Question – How many sexual deviants would it take to screw in a single light bulb?

Answer: Only one, but it would take the entire cast of “Grey’s Anatomy” to fish it back out… (Badum-dumb)

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Top 5 Reasons to Rent All of Your Textbooks

With back to school time upon us, here are some great reasons to reconsider purchasing those necessary textbooks and opting to rent them instead.

1. Renting textbooks is cheaper

Renting your textbooks can save you up to 80% of the cost of the book. This means that if you rent just one textbook this semester, you’ll save about $80 – $100. Think about all of the things you can use that $80 on instead of your textbooks. Eighty dollars can get you 53 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon, 3 pedicures or 1 Olympus digital camera! If you rented 7 textbooks this academic year, you would save enough money to buy yourself a brand new Toshiba laptop. That seems like a better investment of your money!

2. Renting is more sustainable

When you rent your textbooks, fewer resources are consumed, which results in less landfill. The fewer new textbooks in circulation, the less trees needed to make the books. At BookRenter. We don’t have a central warehouse where we keep all the books. We use our intelligent supply chain that means the books take the shortest distance possible to reach the student. It’s faster and it keeps our carbon footprint low!

3. Renting is more convenient

When you rent your textbooks, you avoid having to deal with buyback at the end of the semester or getting stuck with the book if the bookstore won’t buy it back. Plus, BookRenter has locations at over 500 college campuses around the country so you can rent directly from your college store.

4. Rentiing is risk-free

If you drop a class within the first 3 weeks, don’t fret having to deal with your textbooks. Simply return it within 21 days for a complete refund. At any point throughout the semester or quarter, you can decide to buy the book if you need it. You will never pay more than the value of the book and the money you paid to rent it goes towards the price of the book.

5. Renting helps people in your community!

Websites like BookRenter donate children’s books every time an order is placed on the site. Fueling learning through literacy is an important cause, and BookRenter is dedicated to placing books into the hands of children. We’ve donated over 75,000 books, and that number grows each day. Do something good for the community while you save a bunch of money for yourself!

This guest post was written by Rachel Freeman of BookRenter. Be sure to check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

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