College Being

College Being is an idea. Although, all our authors are currently in college, the site is intended for those of you that are college beings. We are more than just a website or a blog–we are a community, an idea.

So, what is a “college being”?

Good question. College beings are those of us who are in the purgatory between having your mom do your laundry for you and getting a full-time job. Although college students are our primary audience, anyone who has been in college, is going to college, or just enjoys college life or the stress of not knowing where you life is going can appreciate our site.

New Articles

We post stories as events happen and as we feel inspired, but that equates to about 3 or 4 articles every week. Laugh every Friday with our Friday Funnies and be sure to check out our Booze Reviews for the best alcohol to drink in terms of taste and budget.

Our Writers

Our writers consist of every kind of student from the journalism major who wants to get a head start on new publications to engineering students who want to take a break from thinking too much and be a little creative to freshmen that have no idea what they want to do and have some time to write stories for us between classes and parties.

Our editor in chief is Christopher LCP Mendes, our primary author is Ace Anderson, and we have various other contributing authors that write for us from time to time including Nick Bernard, Grady Hua, Lulu, Amy Mou, and Louise Mendes.

Can I join your staff?

Yes, we are currently looking for part time authors to write a few stories a week. If you are interested please send a sample of your writing to our editor in chief via our contact form.

Can I submit a story for publication?

Yes, just send your finished story to our editor in chief using our contact form.

Other questions? Contact us!

If you wish to get in touch, please use the contact page and we will get back to you promptly. Be sure you select the correct person to send the message to. For any administrative work such as advertising, job positions, etc. please contact our editor in chief. For any tips or comments on previous stories, please send your remarks to the corresponding author.

Our Mission

2Leaf, our parent company, has two goals to change the earth™–to help our clients and to help the environment. We feature advertising on our websites to benefit our clients at minimal interference to our users. We ask that you disable ad-blocking software if you enjoy the website, but please let us know if any of the ads are too obtrusive or if you feel we need to remove them for whatever other reason.

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