The Best College Campuses for Public Transportation

As any college student knows, public transportation is far cheaper than owning a vehicle. And yet, many cities do not provide adequate or trustworthy forms of mass transit.

Buses are late and they don’t run all the time (which can be rough on students who work nights), subways are often hotbeds of criminal activity, and cabs are just too expensive. But students need to get around just like everyone else, and they’re often on a budget. While riding a bike or walking may be an option (depending on the city), something faster and wider ranging might be required for the collegian on a tight schedule.

So if you’re looking for a college campus that resides in a city with excellent public transportation, here are a few that will fit the bill and get you where you need to go:

5. Loyola University

Loyola University

Image by Alan Chan

This campus in Chicago is lucky for several reasons, the first of which is that the El Train has not one, but two stops within the boundaries of the school (one at each end of campus). Further, student passes are subsidized by the school (to cut costs to students) and trains run 24/7. If the El can’t get you where you want to go, you can take one of the many adjacent buses, which are said to be reliable and can be utilized with a transit pass. Click to continue reading…

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Having a Baby while in College – Difficult or Impossible

Well, it’s not impossible, but being a parent while in college will certainly be a difficult thing. Having a baby takes up a lot of time and so should your studies. At the end of the day, your baby should come first, but it is important to keep up with your studies so that you (and your child) will have a successful feature.

Here are some tips on how to be a good Mom or Dad while still working on your studies in college:

Making Time for Study

Studying and keeping your grades up will be difficult but it is important to plan time in your day to study and keep up with your classes or else it will be impossible. Your child will always take up some unexpected time, but that is okay when you try to keep to your schedule as much as possible. Just go with the flow and do your best.

If you are struggling ask for help or consider hiring a tutor if you have the spare cash. The time you will save struggling over something silly will be very much worth it!

Making Time for Baby

Studying too much can be a bad thing Click to continue reading…


How to get people to ignore you

Not everyone is interested to stay and play in the limelight. Others (read: me) love to hide in the shadows, sulk and not engage in any undertaking. Unfortunately, several activities require our presence – assemblies, club meetings, seminars, and so on.

For such scenarios, I have with me my trusty list of Ignore-me tactics. Use them well and you’re guaranteed to keep anyone at bay.

1. Stay absorbed with your playlist. Picture yourself sitting comfortably in the side, ears trapped with earphones or enormous headphones. You can either listen to real music, or pretend taking pleasure in your jam.

This works best with resistant eye-contact (means you avoid eye-contact at all cost as this attracts conversation).

2. Bring with you a book. Of course, if you’re no bookie, magazines or other reading materials will do. You see, when you’re occupied in your reading, other people tend to be reluctant in disturbing you.

A relaxed reading posture won’t just do; Click to continue reading…


10 Dormitory Essentials Every College-Going Guy Needs

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Your college years are the time to absorb fresh ideas and experiences, while making new friends and figuring out life as you manage all of this independently, possibly for the first time. Being away from the comforts of your home and staying in a dorm room can be a challenge if you’re unprepared.

To make the transition from home and school life to dorm and college life easier, here are the 10 essentials every guy will need to take along:

1. Bed Linen

Clean sheets are essential to keep your dorm room looking neat and tidy, so take two or three bed-linen sets, which include pillow cases too. If you don’t change your sheets once every week, you’ll expose yourself to bacteria, dead skin, fungus and possibly even E-coli.

We shed millions of skin cells every day and our skin is a carrier for anything we may come in contact with throughout the day. Dead skin cells on your bedsheet combine with sweat, ultimately attracting dust mites. Having these mites in your bed can increase in the risk of allergies such as asthma. Take adequate bed linen and change your sheets once a week, regardless of how hectic college gets.

2. Pillows

Don’t rely on your college dorm to provide you with decent pillows Click to continue reading…

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4 Things to Consider when Picking your First Apartment

One of the most exciting things about college is finding that first apartment. The parents are gone and what better way to celebrate your independence than living with your closest friends? It becomes your home away from home, sanctuary, and your space to relax when college gets too crazy. However, it can easily become your hell if not careful. One bad apartment experience can end up affecting your academics, personal health, and relationships. Before you sign that lease, take a look at this list of things to consider that will help prevent potential problems from arising.

1. Friends don’t always make the best roommates

Everyone has heard those awful roommate stories – slobs, brings random people home, etc. Eliminate the risk of becoming part of the bad roommates club by choosing a roommate based on common values. A few topics you should discuss include apartment cleanliness, alcohol consumption, and their social life (will there be people over every night). You should also consider talking to their current roommate. Being friends is different from living with someone, so it will give you a different perspective. Then, prepare a list of pros/cons or at least a mental list that make you aware of potential issues that could happen when you live with this person.

2. Location

I made the mistake of living farther from campus, and it sucked. I had to rely on the bus to get to class, and I felt very disconnected from the rest of my friends. So, when apartment hunting keep in mind the distance from town and college life.

3. Have you met my neighbor?

Although it is difficult to figure out until you move-in, take preliminary measures to ensure your apartment is in a safe area. Read reviews from websites such as to figure out if the area has a high level of crime, sexual predators, and if the complex is geared towards college students. I find that apartment complexes filled with students help with the transition as well as eases the parents mind. Parents are much more accepting to cosign for an apartment where you will be living with fellow peers than with 50 year olds.

4. Take Precaution of Building Construction Issues

Although I researched apartment complexes near campus and read reviews, I didn’t take into consideration the construction of the building itself. When I read reviews of pest infestations or thin walls, I thought that won’t happen to me. As you can probably guess, it did. Within a week of move-in, we had cockroaches popping up and I could hear everything my neighbors were saying. The sad part was that they weren’t even yelling. So, when going through the process, take everything into consideration – the good and the bad.

Overall, try not to get overwhelmed and write pros/cons for every apartment you see. Keep yourself organized to avoid these common mistakes, and take your time with the process. This could be the apartment for the rest of your college years, so what’s the hurry?