7 Porn Movies That Should Have Been: Vol. 1 – Now in Theaters [nsfw]

Below are seven fictional, but totally believable porn movies. Porn movie producers: I want royalties if this is your next big hit. Titles include the following movies: Daddy Day Cramp, Inside Paris, The Boner Ultimator, Under Doggie, Harry Popper 5, Who’s You Daddy?, and Hot Rod.

Jump to see the DVD covers I made using the worst of my Photoshop skills. This is probably not safe for work.

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Booze Reviews: Red Stripe

Forgot to do this over the weekend, when I actually had Red Stripe, but nonetheless I think I remember it well enough.
Red Stripe is a Jamaican lager, distinguishable by the oddly shaped bottle (similar to Sessions Lager) and, of course, the red stripe. It’s not exceptionally hoppy, but still has a good flavor to it. Not much in the way of head, really, and in this case that’s a good thing–lighter lagers shouldn’t be poured with a head.

Though I tend to be a fan of ales and darker beers (stouts, dopplebocks, etc), I enjoyed Red Stripe quite a bit. It’s a beer I’d recommend to anyone who likes light lager. I greatly preferred it to Heinekin or Corona. The place where Red Stripe falls down, however, is the price. Though not overly expensive, it’s not exceptionally cheap either, which means it’s less likely to be purchased by broke-ass college students like you and me. That said though, if you don’t mind the slightly higher cost and you’re a fan of good light lagers, give Red Stripe a try. You won’t be disappointed.


Remembering Harry Potter Book 6: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

harry potter book 6In the spirit of the new Harry Potter book coming out tomorrow, I am going to help you remember all the events of the last book. I will not give away any spoilers for Book 7.

Skip this story if:

  • You do not like Harry Potter (I used to be ones of these until I actually read the books)
  • You like Harry Potter, but haven’t read Book 6, yet.

If you want to remember what happened in Book 6, hit the jump.

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6 Alternative Ways to Pay for College When You Don’t Have Money

College is expensive. It is really expensive and paying for it may be a challenge for a lot of families. Sometimes loans for students can seem like the easiest solution, but it feels different when it comes time to pay off. Trust me you are going to get buried in that debt. Thus, if you are broke, but have a dream to study, then take a look at these 6 alternatives to pay for college or cut down a bit on the total cost. It may be overwhelming to develop a plan, but with a little work, you will be able to enter your adult life with financial freedom.

Image credit: Hamza Butt

1. Grants

The best part of getting a grant is that it is the thing that doesn’t need to be repaid. Grant will not cover all of your expenses for a study, but it will still make your life easier for a few thousand. Grants may be offered by federal governments or by some private organizations. But the biggest grants usually come from the educational institution itself.

2. Scholarship

Searching and applying for scholarships may become your full-time job, as each educational institution wants to get the best student and if this is about you, then you are lucky. But what if you are not a football player or the brightest kid in your class? Well, don’t cry. For instance, sports scholarships are not just for athletes, but can also be offered to other members of the team. You can even be an equipment manager and get it! You will be surprised how many of scholarships are out there, if you just think creative. But even if you eventually didn’t get it, there are still plenty of ways how to pay for college.

3. Work-study

You can find some part-time jobs on campus and work in line with your field of study. Work-study jobs pay a minimum wage and give you some extra experience. Student employment through the college is a perfect way to help you earn money for your study. In order to sign up for this program, you need to fill in an online form. Click to continue reading…

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Booze Reviews: Killian’s Irish Red

killian’s irish red Inspired by Nick, I have decided to write a booze review as well. I will be featuring my new favorite beer this summer: Killian’s Irish Red. Even though it is made by Coors it is not on the cheap side (or the expensive side). It comes out to about $1.25 if you buy it from the super market (unless you live in a state like Massachusetts where beer cannot be sold in super markets).

I am usually one who likes the lighter beers, but Killian’s Irish Red is a dark beer with a light taste. Although slightly more bitter (due to the hops) than I normally go for, the taste is exceptional. I could drink these all day.

Jump to find out what I think about the head, smell and color.

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