The Amazing College Being Author Guide

Dear College Being writer,

Here are some guidelines that could really make your articles on College Being awesome:

  • Title: Make your title as attractive-sounding as possible. The title is the most read item of any post!
  • Post: Write whatever you want, but use common sense and try to make it interesting. You don’t have to win Pulitzer Prizes, but you also want people to ready your article, right?
  • This is the internet, not a newspaper. People will not read long, continuous pieces of text. Break them up with paragraphs, bullet points, pictures, etc.
  • Use correct grammar. This makes it easier to read your post.
  • Use the following code, which is especially useful for long articles, anywhere in your post to put a “click here to continue reading” link: <!–more–>
  • Tags: Include “tags” (found directly under the main text box) to your post as it can help people search our site for specific topics. Some popular tags I use are: law, elections, and _____ University (or the name of the school you are writing about.
  • Categories: Pick one category which best describes your article to.
  • All in One SEO Pack: Enter a title, description, or most importantly, keywords to describe your post as this help search engines f ind your post. A lot of our traffic comes from search engines.
  • Adding images to your post makes people want to read your post more. However, make sure we have the right to post the image in our articles (i.e., the creator of the image gives us permission). A lot of free images I use come from Use the advanced search and check the box next to “.” Then you can use pretty much any image you find as long as you credit the author in the end of the post.
  • Make sure y our images are not too big and break the design of the page. If they get too big, just reduce the size with an image-editing program or remove the image entirely.
  • After you publish, view your post and make sure everything is looking okay.
  • And, most importantly, have fun!

Lastly, thanks for everything you have done and will do. You guys help me a great deal and I am very glad you are part of the College Being team. If you have any more questions, just contact me.

Chris Mendes

P.S. Here is a good example of a good title:

[Images by: desi.italy, Serolynne]

[Last updated: April 18, 2008]

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