Booze Reviews: Sam Adams Cherry Wheat

Samuel Adams Cherry Wheat is not for everybody’s taste. Like all the Sam Adams beers, it comes in at the more pricey import price range even though it is a domestic beer. This adds a further deterrent for the average college student to give it a try. But with Sam Adams’s limited use of ingredients, hand-selected and imported from Germany, you know you are getting a good deal.

Cherry Wheat is a great beer I like sipping during a weekend day. It’s not a heavy beer that would make you feel to full to enjoy the rest of the barbecue, but not too light that you feel you just wasted your money. I must say, however, that this malty beer does have a fruity flavor to it that is not to everybody’s taste. I for one loved the cherries. It felt almost as good as when I had my fist Cherry Coke during my middle school years. The smell is very fruity as well, but in a good way and not too cherry-y.

To conclude, this is one of my favorite beers and the low ABV [5.20% alcohol] allows you to have a lot without feeling too fuzzy.

Look: 4
Smell: 4
Feel: 3.5
Taste: 5
Overall: 4.5

3 Thoughts on “Booze Reviews: Sam Adams Cherry Wheat”

  1. I’m not a big fan. Why not Drink coke if you like it so much.

  2. Interesting. I’ve seen this around but was wary of trying it. Might have to pick one up though.

  3. I agree with the writer. I do not like lite and fruity beers but this one is pretty good. Just don’t get all Bud Lite Lime on me.

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