College Majors Breakdown

Whether you are in a college, university, or studying at an online school, you know that your major will make a great impact on your future career. The choice of some majors can completely eliminate your job options and force you to go back to school if you want to pursue that career path.

The following is a breakdown on some popular college and university majors whose career paths are not always so obvious:

English: English majors often want to become novelists. If unsuccessful in their attempt, there are many career paths still open to English majors including copywriting, editing, and teaching.

Psychology: One common misconception is that having a psychology degree from a college or university will allow you to practice as a psychologist. Most psychologists have masters or doctorates. However, with a BA or AA degree in psychology, you can work in HR, marketing, or as a research assistant in a psychology lab.

Biochemistry: Biochemistry careers all focus around the lab environment. If you do not like working in labs, this may not be the best choice for you. With a bachelors, your biochemistry career can be a research assistant or lab technical. With further study, you can operate your own research lab or be a college professor.

Chemistry: Like biochemistry, chemistry jobs usually focus around research and the lab environment. However, you will deal more with chemicals and chemical reactions. If creating your own synthetic fibre sounds like fun, this may be the college major for you.

Information Technology: IT focuses on current computer software and current standards. If an Information Technology career interests you, you may end with a career in technical support and system administrator.

Computer Engineering: Computer Engineering differs from IT. Computer engineering focuses on creating new software and standards. Computer engineering jobs are varied and include software development, networking, and computer hardware development.

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