Hot College Being of the Month: We Want You!

If you feel you are just pure awesomeness and want to be the official hot mascot of College Being for a month then here is your chance. We are looking for hot women and men to send a picture and a short little bio about yourself to: hot at

If you are selected, you will have your own page here on College Being and be featured on our home page for one month. Talk about bragging rights…

29 Thoughts on “Hot College Being of the Month: We Want You!”

  1. I am so the hottest. Fer sure.

  2. I’ve got my moments to shine…I think I’m pretty awesome (for a mom of three and online student).

  3. ACE,
    who do you send a picture and a short teeny bio too?

  4. @babakers5: Send it to the email address listed above (hot at

  5. I think the layout could use a little tinkering. The columns with all the various links make the page look cluttered at times, especially when placed next to a thick block of text.

  6. Damn, guess this is only for hot people huh? Yeah figures, if you ain’t hot, how can you be the “HOT” College Being of the Month! lol, cheers!

  7. @John: Thanks for your suggestion. We will consider that an entry for the HP Freshman 15 contest.

    @Lahiru: Not necessarily. We are thinking of “hot” as more like cool and awesome. Being attractive helps, but if you have something less superficial to offer, we will take great consideration in that.

  8. DAD’s Are HOT !, Nuff Said !

  9. Sorry for the big exam, but I’m really loving the new Zune, and hope that this and the glowing reviews others have written, will help you decide if this is the right choice for you.

  10. در 4:20 pmelaheh میگوید:salam mitsahkam bedunam ke agar khanevadeyi barkhordeshun ba bachehashun gheire manteghie va dar kol kheili baham dg msohkel daran ba anjame in testha mishe moshkel ro hal kard?

  11. Thanks for taking the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate

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