HP Freshman 15: Consolation Prize

Everybody that entered our Freshman 15 contest in any way is entitled to a free 6-month subscription to Mead Map. A 6-month subscription normally costs $12, which is not bad, but the folks at Mead Map were nice enough to give us a bunch of free subscriptions. What is better than free?

Mead Map is revolutionary mind-mapping software used to organize your class notes, projects, etc. You will be able to easily link ideas together and share your notes with classmates or partners. It is worth giving a try and you do not need to use a credit card or download anything (the whole thing works from their website). Just use the promotional code “cbeing” when signing up.

[Go here for a video about how Mead Map works.]

5 Thoughts on “HP Freshman 15: Consolation Prize”

  1. When will the code be made available to work? Whenever I type in “cbeing” it says that the coupon code could not be found.

  2. Just for the record, I did remove the quotations around the word cbeing.

  3. Thanks for letting me know AJ. I will speak to the Mind Map people and post here once I have a response.

  4. Our sincere apologies! Try the “cbeing” 6-month promo code now at http://www.meadmap.com …it had a type-o. Thanks for reporting.

  5. Thanks Ken and thanks AJ for letting us know.

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