HP Freshman 15: Quick Update

Due to some concern from some of you about the laptop contest, we will be announcing the finalists between the hours of 10pm and midnight Eastern Time (New York) tonight. This seems to be the best time for everyone with exams and will help many of our international visitors. If you need help with the time zones here is a useful page.

6 Thoughts on “HP Freshman 15: Quick Update”

  1. Thanks!!!!!

  2. Yes, thank you very much.

  3. What the Hell! Odd time for me. it will be early morning 5.30 to 8.30, Shit how im i suppose to get up so early. Make it earlier. plz

  4. It so much funny u c, The time you have chosen, is the exact duration of time my city has regular power cuts. So Practically im out of the contest before announcement. Lol. Who ever Wins good luck dude. U were lucky.

  5. thanks now that we know the specific times, its going to be interesting how close the winning comment and the other two will be.
    im a bit curious on how you are organizing the list since its probably around 400. do you mind sharing.

    and guys this time wont help out everybody, but the majority, so thanks CollegeBeing for being so considerate.

    Jen F

  6. when are the finalist going to be announced

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