HP Freshman 15: Details

Many of you have been asking about the HP Freshman 15 laptop giveaway College Being and a bunch of other college blogs are partaking in. Our contest starts today and here are the details:

The Laptop

The lucky winner of this contest will win a new HP Pavilion dv7t series notebook along with a bunch of extra goodies including the HP xb4 Media Docking Station and a super-cool and eco-friendly laptop carrying case. The whole prize package is valued at about $1,700. Expect a review of the system coming in the next couple of days, but so far I’ve heard it has it’s own number pad. Seriously, a laptop with a number pad already makes me salivate.

How to Enter

There are three different ways to enter and you can enter through all three ways to increase your chances of winning:

1) You will get one entry into the contest by posting a real (or non-real and funny) reason why you should get the laptop in the comments below.

2) You will get one entry into the contest by posting a comment below about something that can be improved here at College Being to make your experience better.

3) You will get three entries into the contest by submitting an entry into our new Hot College Being of the Month. Both men and women are able to submit an entry. Just click on the link for the full rules.

The Rules

The rules are as follows:

You are allowed to enter up to five entries into the contest. You can mix and match from the above list.

You must use your real name and email address when entering.

The last day to submit an entry into the contest is Sunday, October 12 at 11:59 PM ET.

This competition is open to everybody on earth.

The Winner

The three finalists will be chosen randomly from all valid entries. The first of the three to post a comment on the announcement post will win the laptop. The finalists will be announced on Monday, October 13th.

So, to sum it all up: If you want the laptop, you have a great chance to get it. You can submit up to five entries and get to the announcement post before the other two finalists. Not a bad day’s work for a $1,700 prize.

Note from editor: Please do not write your email addresses in the body comments below as spammers may find your email and add you to their evil spam lists. Just put your email address in email field and you will be safe (from spammers and for us to be able to reach you).

Note from editor: Review of laptop here.

279 Thoughts on “HP Freshman 15: Details”

  1. The fate of the world depends on me getting this laptop. I must have it. I have seen the future and it’s a bleak place. Only this laptop can save the future!

  2. Your layout is too plain. Do a little more with some of the white space. That’s my advice. Thanks.

  3. Nice! If I win I’ll hook it up to my media center in the making.

  4. Nice contest you have going on here. I believe I should get the the laptop (THE GRAND PRIZE) because my current laptop has a few glitches. I am tired of finding little problems as I continue to have ownership of it. I had to get a major repair (in my perspective) on my laptop two months ago. I wished do let this be a person laptop and the other one that I am entering to win to be for school. Chances are that I will be able to use this for personal and the other for school.

    Also, I always wanted a different laptop since this seems to be falling apart and they have other laptops that are coming about, but I can’t afford to get another one. I love using computers and the advancement of technology. This is why I think I should get the HP grand prize.

  5. Why should I get the laptop? So I can ebay it for stripper money.

  6. I really need a labtop because my old one is dieing and its just a pain being in information technology without a reliable labtop.

  7. My email address is [email address removed by editor]

    Far as my second entry, I think that the white space could be removed and use another template with more colors. Making College Being seem more organized and user friendly will work. I think having more articles and tips and links to other helpful places that college students will use will be benefit me and all others. Links to other applications and news we can use will help my experience on this site. It’s about the appearance, content, what you offer to readers, and getting their attention.

  8. I need the laptop so my friends stop making fun of me for having a desktop.

    As for College Being, I love the posts and everything so I would recommend extending the body width a little wider and consolidate all the other stuff on the side into one column. Just helps the aesthetic appeal of the site in my opinion.

  9. If this laptop gets into the wrong hands, who KNOWS what kind of evil and destruction awaits the universe? That’s why I should be the rightful keeper of the HP laptop!

  10. And a way to make college being better may be to have a forum or guest bloggers by actual college students. To make it seem like not only are we college beings but we are a COMMUNITY of college beings. That’d be bangin’.

    And I believe I have my 5 entries now. XP

  11. You stole my idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111

  12. I currently have a laptop without functioning wireless and that believes in restarting without warning. I’d love one that works.

  13. I’d like a laptop that’s not two years old and trying to crash and burn already.

  14. I need a laptop so that I’m not shackled to my slowly dying 4yo desktop ….

  15. Because I deserve it! (Also, my last name is Anderson.)

  16. You should expand the section on how not to get busted by the police. That might expand your site into more of a legal site than a college site, but it might save a lost of grief for a lot of people.

  17. Website suggestions:

    I noticed that categories are used to group postings, but no listing of categories. The only way to see categories is to click the category of a visible posting. Also, when view a posting, the category is not posted anywhere.

    Also, I think that the by-lines should like to the authors. I know that the author listing is close by on the right column, but the by-line is another obvious place to look for more information about the author.

    Non-real and funny reason coming later.


  18. Why do I want the laptop, because when I get it, ill finally be able to burn this piece of crap im currently on.

  19. (1) The reason I should be awarded the grand prize -drool- is because college is right around the corner, money’s tight, and I have not had pleasure of owning a laptop yet.

    (2) As for this website, I do think it’s quite bland. It’s really easy for readers to come and then forget about this site. Also, the bottom of the header where the blue abruptly blurs to the white isn’t too eye-appealing. Overall, the layout is nicely spaced and clean, but implementing an interesting and attractive color scheme would make the website look much better.

    There are also some widgets/modules on this theme. Rearranging them might help such that the left sidebar follows this order: Google ads, Fun Stories, CB Authors, and User. The right sidebar is fine. The search bar that’s currently sandwiched between your Google ads and User login should be moved to the top so users will know where to go when they’re searching for something.

    I base my advice of the module rearrangement on the fact that readers are guided by whatever is at the top and then wander down to the bottom.

    Anyway, I’m sorry if I was so long-winded. This is just my two-cents on the topic. :)

  20. I’m holding my brother’s laptop hostage and I refuse to return it until I get my own (or win this one).

    *insert evil laugh here*

  21. I need the laptop to add to my army of boxen. You can improve the site by adding some left and right margin space. Also, you could replace the gradient under the header with something else.

  22. 1)I need this laptop because the IBM T30 I have is 5 years old, the processor fan is starting to die (it refuses to boot sometimes, solves by a light smack), and both of the batteries I have last about an hour and a half, which really sucks when I have to type notes during my 2 hour class. The laptop barely runs Vista, and with only 16MB of video ram, it doesn’t do any sort of gaming.

    2)The website is pretty simple, however there are 2 things I don’t like: the first is the 2 column navigation on the side, it seems a little bit cluttered, second, the fixed width is a major waste of space on a large monitor, and with a fluid width, the 2 column navigation probably wouldn’t look bad at all.

    3) has been emailed.

  23. My wife’s current laptop is quite old. I’d like to give her a nice new one with better performance, but I just can’t afford it right now. As a tech-geek it is embarrassing to have underpowered hardware in regular use in the house.

    Besides, our 5th anniversary is next week and I haven’t got any fabulous gifts yet.

  24. (1) my roommate already destroyed my laptop, “accidentally” (aka drunk) knocking a bottle of water onto my laptop. fried!

    (2) a list of the top 10 (20? 30? 100?) things i need to do before leaving college. like wake up drunk in the street? have a 3some?

  25. The design is clean and uncluttered, but the footer is …missing…a lot of your links could go down there. The footer is a vast un-mined resource of linkage these days. Not everything has to go above the fold.

    2leaf (although they have nice sites) isn’t collegebeing. Why is their link block higher than the top articles box?

    Because such things are mostly aesthetic, I’ll leave the brainstorming of details to you…but the blog format needs to be … I dunno…sexier for a site like this. It seems bland (not that there’s anything wrong with that).

  26. I want the laptop so I can watch my slingbox wherever I am. Love your blog btw ;)

  27. I think you should add a twitter feed to your blog. Everyone’s doing it!!!

  28. I need the laptop because I don’t have cable in the new place I’m renting, so I watch all my tv online, and my current computer isn’t doing too well…it’s constantly slow, especially if I try to unplug it. Another problem while watching tv on my current laptop is that my screen is floppy and won’t stay in one place which gets really really annoying.

    It’s super cool that the HP has a number pad! I was just typing in a bunch of numbers today and wished that I had a number pad. That would be a huge bonus!

  29. Why I Should Get the Laptop:

    Because I need one, and if I don’t get a free one I will wind up buying a Mac.

    What Could be Improved:

    I largely agree with a post prior to my own. The side navigation seems cluttered, and the fixed-width column wastes a lot of space on wider monitors.

  30. My suggestion for improvement is to have a list of popular posts. I’m new to your blog, actually found it because of the freshman 15 giveaway, so now I’m a subscriber. It would be great to have the list of popular posts so that I could quickly get an overview of the blog. Love the blog so far, though.

  31. 1) I need to replace my clunky desktop because I am sick with the flu & the cord doesn’t reach to the bathroom.

    2) The color scheme is a bit difficult to read (grey on white). Perhaps a darker theme would be nice…

  32. I’ed like a laptop that is not my 10 year old dual pentuim 2 server-ish desktop … I commute and taking this thing to school is definitly not an option since it weighs a ton and is huge also last i checked it was worth a bout $20 X.x

    the only laptop i have right now is a 486 from the early 90’s and the floppy drive doesn’t even work….

    here is my suggestion for the site:
    It would be nice if users of this site could select their own personal css theme from a list which would probably please just about everybody as far as the looks of this site. Many web forums already allow users to do this.

  33. I need a laptop to eat! I earn a little on blogging, and I spend them to eat with my siblings. ^_^

  34. I need the laptop prize package to give to my BF to ebay and put the money into an engagement ring fund…yeah I know.

  35. And I think that RSS button is obscenely and unnecessarily huge. For your sighted readers, you could make it somewhat smaller.

  36. Entry One: Hey, It would be nice for me to win the laptop, because My desktop is an old Dell 2400 from 2002, and keeps pulling all type of odd things on me, its past the point of updating RAM and adding accessories. Also, I commute daily to NYC from NJ(about 2 hours), and I am limited to study either at the library, or at my dusty desktop computer at home. Winning this HP laptop would allow me to study on the bus ride home, or even in Central Park!

    Entry Two: The website holds great amount of knowledge. One way you could fix it, is to make just one column on the right holding the ads and the categories instead of two. Also having a quick link to what you believe are your best and most known posts so that newbies can see them, allowing for easier convincing that this site ROCKS! One more thought, if you don’t think its too much, you can add in the right column(or one of them since you now have two) the recent comments that have been added. The site can be better visually, and it is already very pleasant from a mobile computing point. The great thing is that the information in here is fantastic, and that’s what matters everything we are all complaining about here(how rude right!) can most definitely be fixed.

  37. Oh to be able to compute on the move. My laptop has a bum battery…my 4 yr old dell laptop…and thus cannot be unplugged…also I got my hot girlfriend to submit a pic to ur hot college being thing…so thats worth something…

  38. Improvements:
    The RSS button doth be gihugean….
    Registration and login on the top nav bar…i had to search for it..cater to users expected experience…
    Author Avatars could be fun

  39. actually I find the rss button the most entertaining thing on this page MAKE IT BIGGER!

    besides all the whitespace this site seems pretty humorless perhaps a system to vote on funny things to place on the page would be in order…. hey the google guys can goof off why not this site?

  40. I am a hard working, peace making mother of three chaotic kids that are forever bugging me for their turn on the computer…winning this would literally bring much peace to my home. When you have a 5, 6 and 15 year old kid fighting over time on the computer…well, it’s enough to make you scream!!!!

    Please, you are my only hope at bringing sanity to my already mangled mind. You, Ace are the only one who could save me and bring me back to the mother I should be…..

    Count me in!!!!

  41. I really like the simplisity of the sites look, especially the RSS feed button. The only thing I really see wrong is that you don’t offer RSS feed via email. I seldom sign up to feed readers because, well, I easily forget I’m getting them and don’t really go to my feed reader file in my favorites. I think that if you add that option more people will opt in for updates. I know that I would…

    Keep up the good work though, it look nice.

  42. Just a clarification on your rules…you say that we need to enter with our real name…do you need my FULL real name or was my real first name ok?

  43. Entry #2:

    The content on College Being is interesting, but the white background is a bit bland. Dunno if you guys are interested in changing the color scheme or not though.

    Also, I think it may be helpful to have a list of topics on this site placed on the side bar so that more articles can easily be found.

  44. I think I should get the laptop for several reasons. 1) My current laptop (which is
    my only computer) has a damaged screen so that a third of it is
    useless, the cd drive doesn’t read cds, the wireless refuses to
    connect so that it needs a hard LAN cable, and the internal fan is
    broken so that the laptop has to be kept next to a rotating fan
    whenever I use it. Which really means it’s no longer a laptop, but a
    weak and hobbled desktop. I doubt it’ll last another few months. 2)
    I’ve cast off the silly liberal arts orientation of the first few
    years of college and now study cognitive neuroscience. Specifically,
    my job is analyzing brain imaging data (fMRI/EEG), for which you need
    a computer (and not a shoddy computer either).
    So my job & my homework both require a computer. Getting a laptop
    would mean I can occasionally leave my apartment and do some work in
    areas in which other human beings roam.

  45. The orange RSS logo needs to be bigger. It doesn’t even take up 30% of the screen, it’s like you don’t WANT us to subscribe!! ;)

  46. An increase in friends is also in order – twelve friends among seven authors? Plug more blogs!

  47. Under the “ESSAY” link, you could include one to the Postmodern Generator:

  48. I need the laptop because I have been wanting to get one (but could never afford it) since I started collge…and I graduated from college two years ago with a Bachelors Degree that took five years to get…if that tells you how long I have wanted one…lol.

    In fact, I have a degree I can’t use, loans out the wahzoo, I only work part time, and I live with my mom…that’s how low on funds I am. If that doesn’t make me worthy, I don’t know what will. =P

  49. I should get the laptop because I will put a sticker with the College Being logo on the back of it.

  50. I should get the laptop b/c I just spent 20 min trying to think of things to day to enter the contents that wouldn’t bore you. That I failed means I should get it out of pity.

  51. Oh, and on how to improve the website. I think people would be far more likely to look around if there was more color on your webpages. The white is just so sterile. You need some pops of color here and there at least. But other then that, the site is very user friendly. ;D

  52. I should get a laptop because I’m using my mom’s at the moment lol. Yea, pathetic right? My only comp broke down on my 2 months ago so I actually had to go outside! Can you believe it??? I mean there’s a WORLD out there….a whole friken world!! It’s crazy; I met this dude and we had a conversation and we talked about things, but it wasn’t like an online chat…you know, like normal people use? It was an actual conversation, with words and stuff. It was intense. Oh the best part was this big bright thing in the sky, but it was kind of blinding and it burns a lot if it shines on you too much so that wasn’t too good. Anyways, I think I should get a laptop because I need to stay indoors where I’m safe from this world thing.

  53. As far as improvements go, I think there should be more excitement in this thing. I mean I like to get pumped up, you know get excited about reading stuff and watchin vids. If i’m not excited I just kinda, ya know, fall asleep and stuff. But this site rawks though. Seriously, its awesome. I love the whole not vote video.

  54. I need a new laptop because i am tired of coming up with something to do for the thirty minutes my current laptop takes to warmpup after I log into it.

  55. Oh also I should get a laptop because I think I’m a good person and I need to be connected to the world because it is a dire place without the knowledge of my existence. I am not full of pride or arrogance, just truth. I also like to sleep in till 11 and eat toast. I think college is easy so far, but then again I haven’t gone to class yet so that’s probably why. You know some people say I need to do something about all the problems going on in the world today and I say “give me a laptop and I’ll do it.” You’re probably thinking that a guy who wakes up at 11 doesn’t care about stuff. That is not true. It’s not that I don’t care, I’m just lazy. Anyways, in all seriousness I do need a laptop though cuz mine broke so would appreciate it :). hope you didn’t take too much of anything I said too seriously.

  56. For your blog I think you can move the search box and other boxes under it below the RSS button, that would leave enough space for your posts to be at the center.

  57. I need that bad boy to run my CAD software!!

  58. I can harness the power of the docking station to MacGyver a bomb defusing tool to save the free world!

  59. ¡Se lo necesito para salvar mi vida!

  60. If I win the laptop, all of your wildest dreams will come true.

  61. Vote for Pedro! Win me that lappy!

  62. If I get that laptop I can harness the wind power from the docking station to power all of Phoenix… or maybe just to cool my knees?

  63. – My computer has no power button. I popped the defunct one out, and so to power up, I just stick a paperclip (insulated with electrical tape) into the gaping hole. This vital paperclip dangles from the computer from a length of leather string. As if my computer wanted to wear tex-mex accessories. I tell friends this is artisan or amish, practical-minded. But I can hear their respect for me, my dignity, dissolving like alka-seltzer. Please….

  64. I should get the laptop, so that I can use it as paperweight.

  65. – If I win the laptop, I will name it “Horacio Perez II”. I will call its name out often. I think it’s a fine name, full of hope. My current (“artisan”) hp is so named, and has lived a full life, through college and now out, hammering out a thesis and moving to Europe and getting a new brain, switching to Open Office and not really writing anymore, mostly trolling the internet for dearly-missed American television.

  66. – If you change one thing about the website, well go ahead and change two:

    1. As -yes- has been said before: COLOR. But it’s easy just to say that…let’s look at some nice palettes. I wonder, have you considered incorporating pistachio? A pleasing green, hailed by Feng shui masters and really everybody as a soothing color. Prime for frazzled college beings. And pistachio, as far as I know, is the official color of no real university. Perfect- take up a flag of your own!

    2. And I say FUSE into one column: Google ads/ Search/ User sign-in/ Authors/ Fun stories/ RSS/ etc… altogether slicker, and just imagine scrolling down to get the electric orange shock of your massive RSS.

    But C. David Dent sums it up best: make it sexier, however you go.

  67. I should definitely win this because my old laptop’s screen is out and I now can only use my husband’s laptop when he’s not using it :(

  68. The reason why i am entering in this notebook competitions is that i am a need a laptop for myself badly and i don’t have he finances to buy one anytime soon. I will be starting my final year project next year for which i require a powerful machine. I am a petroleum engineer student and my project will be based on reservoir simulation. My current pc doesn’t allow me to handle that kind of a work. Therefore I am banking on you (and the rest of this competition giveaway) to get a laptop for myself. This project is very important component of my BE degree. Moreover i want to be able to play high graphics games and watch HD movies. As i have mentioned earlier my current desktop pc has limited features.

    As far as your blog layout is concerned. I have a few suggestions.

    * Add some color. A college being should be something exciting(speaking from experience). Add some red or black while keeping the blue.

    * Please add some images, videos and other graphic content. This should be my first suggestion.

    * Go for a web 2.0 style template. This will give your blog a professional and neat look while improving the appearance of your blog.

    * Use the space more efficiently. I feel that your best content is not highlighted as much it should be. Use the space below the header graphic. You can also use the footer. You can divide the header or footer into 3 or columns to make it look organized.

    * Use a darker font. Please use black instead of grey.

    I hope this helps

  69. Entry 2: As for your site, the content and all is okay. But it could have a much nicer template or overall design. I also prefer reading posts that are in the middle of the page inside of to the left. Thanks!

  70. I need a laptop because, I NEED ONE!! So then I can work on my stuffs easier and I can download whatever I want.

  71. I need this laptop because my old one never works right. It always freezes, it takes forever to boot up. I end up shutting it off and never get anything done. Thanks!

  72. My 2nd entry.

    Please refer to the blog layout improvement suggestions from my 1st entry.

    Moreover having gone through your blog, I would like to suggest doing some more stuff like college reviews , student issues, student loans and scholarship awards, advice for new college students, get together ideas, college sports etc. In short i want to see content focused on college beings while limiting the rambling about politics and economy and other things. I hope i am not being over critical!

  73. The reason why i deserve that HP laptop:
    Firstly, I don’t know how to prove my worthiness, and you have every reason to not buy my reasoning, but it’s the honest truth anyway:

    My laptop just got stolen.
    it’s that simple

    just 2 days ago, as a matter of fact. Some thieves climb into my balcony and took my laptop through the open window (yeah, my fault, I should have closed it), along with some of my neighbor’s mobile phones that he stole earlier.
    so now, I, a computer student major in programming and system analysis, have no laptop to study. Not to mention all the data and study notes I saved in my hard disks.
    in other words, I’m kinda screwed now. sure, I would just ask my parents to buy me a new and better one, but a laptop, new or old, is never cheap, and I hate to put such a weight on my parents’ shoulders, considering they’re already paying for my college tuition.

    So you can see why I consider this contest a God-given, one-in-a-lifetime chance to save me from the mess that I’m suffering (my semester just started and having to learn about computers without one to practice on is quite a daunting task).

    I hope my reason is good enough, thank you

  74. I want this just cause free stuff is awesome. This is almost as good as getting T-Shirts for donating blood.

  75. It would be the most amazing miracle if i could actually win this laptop, I would be absolutely over the moon!

  76. My second entry:

    1) the design: use more recognizable colors, white and occasional blue is clean but so bland. make the rss button smaller, move the login area upper, maybe even to the top. instead of wasting space for the “fun stories” section, add a section for “hot posts” or “hight-lighted posts). there should be “related links” under each posts. and of course the fixed width thing.

    2) the content: almost perfect, though i hope you’ll focus more on the financial side of not-that-rich students. oh and ilove your funny posts, more of those pls.

  77. Why do I need a new laptop? Me and the blue screen of death are totally buds. Not so good when trying to finish my dissertation!

  78. Entry one

    I have only a few suggestions for the blog. Suggestion 1—– A few articles for the untraditional older student.You know us …were the 35yrs and older crowd. See us waving at you from the back of the room? Suggestion 2—- I would move the look of the blog to web 2.0 style..nice colors.. categories to find articles.. a lil elbow grease and you’ll have this place looking like a million bucks.

  79. I should get the laptop because once i have it, I can sit downstairs and work/study on the couch while my wife does yoga and works out in the nude 4 feet in front of me. Can there truly be a higher use of a laptop?

    Hmm…does this prize pack come with a webcam?

  80. Advice to the site? that’s tough cause it is pretty good. I do think the white space is a little much, not at the top of the page, it works as great balance there, and too much background would be a problem with all the great info here.

    Perhaps you could use the pictures from the hot college being contest to give us something to look at on the bottom and sides of the page?

  81. Advice to the site? that’s tough cause it is pretty good. I do think the white space is a little much, not at the top of the page, it works as great balance there, and too much background would be a problem with all the great info here. (And contrary to many of the others, I really like the heading you have now. Very relaxed and unobtrusive. They probably really like those silly, annoying flash games, too.)

    Perhaps you could use the pictures from the hot college being contest to give us something to look at on the bottom and sides of the page?

  82. The other advice I would give would basically be agreeing with someone else, but to be fair, I had the idea before seeing their post.

    It would be very, very cool to have actual readers doing guest blogging. We wouldn’t restrict that to /just/ English majors, would we?

  83. I need this laptop becaue I am a broke computer science major without a laptop or even a personal PC of my own.

  84. As for how I can improve the site, I think you guys need to spice up the theme. Its too bland(too much white space)

  85. And, my other very important reason that I should have this is because my children miss me…

    Yes, it’s sad I know, but I must spend hours a day working on French compositions, or reading pieces written in Early American Realism. They waste away downstairs playing video games and “Where’s Daddy?”

    With a laptop, I could spend time with them! I could research Contemporary Social Problems while sitting on the couch near them. I could even.. oh, dare I say it? they could go outside!!! We could go to the park and climb trees. While they hang upside down on one branch, I can sit on the next one, filling out short essay answers to Freund’s Quadratic Equation.

    I would be free of my desk and my children would have a father again! we could bake cookies together with the laptop on the stove (oh, no, wait that would be a bad idea.) on the counter /beside/ the stove! we could even play dress up! my son would be a pirate, my daughter the noble princess he has kidnapped, and I would be the cyborg, sent from the future with a laptop attached to my body to save her!!

    Yes, yes, the children are the future and I MUST have that laptop!!!

  86. I would like the laptop because my current laptop consistently overheats when I use it! Also, it’s a Mac, and as an engineering student, I’m discovering that a PC would have been a much more practical choice. Sometimes I can’t run software I need for my classes!

  87. I would like the laptop because my current laptop consistently overheats when I use it! Also, it’s a Mac, and as an engineering student, I’m discovering that a PC would have been a much more practical choice. Sometimes I can’t run software I need for my classes!

    As far as recommendations for the site… I think it looks pretty good, but if you can combine the 2 columns on the right side into 1, it might look a little more streamlined.

  88. Since this contest is part of this site, my suggestion for improvement of this contest counts an entry.

    I find it interesting that while the finalists chosen at random, which prize they get is dependent on the order of them posting. It may seem like using posting order as a fair way to select a winner from finalists, but it isn’t. What really happens is the chances of winning shifts wildly in favor of the the earliest posters. For instance, the first few posters will have 3 times the chance of winning versus in a random only drawing while the last few posters would get practically zero chance. (In fact, the last two poster do have zero chance. This assumes everyone has the same number of entries.)

    Instead of doing a random drawing then posting order, either go straight random drawing or pick some other criteria for winning the laptop. This would be fairer for everyone involved.

    Take note, I did post pretty early on, so I the current method would already give me a boost. If the method is changed to random only, I would have less chance to win, not more.

    See the link below for more details. Some math involved, so enter at your own risk.


  89. Ok, here’s another suggestion for improving your website. I’ve noticed there’s been some problems that affects your Internet connection. I’ve been getting timeouts and page not found about half the time I check this page. This site could do with some more bandwidth on your end.

    I’m thinking these page problems might be the result of this competition, since you are taking the audience from 15 blogs instead of just your own. Waiting until after contest to check how much regular traffic is coming to your site might be the best way to do it.

    But remember, it only takes one link to your article on a popular site to bring a lot of traffic to your site, and at times like that you want your site to be up.


    In case you don’t have bandwidth problems, it’s all on my end, or something else entirely, disregard my comment, and sorry for wasting your time.

  90. I need a new laptop because I spilled a can of Red Bull on my keyboard, and the cost of the repair is more than the value of my laptop.

  91. I suggest that you move the Login box to less prominent place (It takes up some of the most useful space on the page.
    Consider adding a Recent Posts list (by month). This could be used by somebody who wants to easily go through the old posts without subscribing via RSS (I know… RSS supports this easily). Thanks. Interesting site.

  92. I go to Ohio University…which is in the top 3, i believe this year it is the top, party school. I need this laptop for 2 reasons-
    1. I don’t have a laptop yet and I have to walk to the library almost every day to write my papers/presentations.
    2. I need to get my studying done quicker so I can fully enjoy going to the number 1 party school.

  93. I have no laptop of my own. I am currently using my suitmates, which, while nice, it has a restriction so that I cannot install any programs. this prevents me from making full use of all the awesome programs out there–that is–limewire :)


  94. I really only have 1 suggestion for the site…make it a little easier to navigate. I have a hard to finding a specific article because they are end to end in a single column. Perhaps use an approach of just posting the main title of an article and a quick summary…perhaps a pertaining photo….it would make it easier to make sense of what someone is looking at.

  95. My second entry into the contest:

    What would improve my experience from college being would be to imply what this the objective of this website’s function is. When I goto sites like hack college, study hacks, and cooking for engineers, they each have clear indications of what they exist for. Hence, when I go there I am reminded of what I am looking for. But when I come to college being, it appears to me to just be another random blog, not this awesome archive of prudent wisdom about how to thrive at college. Which, I think, college being is. As mentioned before, clear and distinct catagories would help.

    Thanks for the chance to enter.


  96. Another reason I should have the laptop is to see if HP has improved their products. The last HP I had literally went up in flames during an overclocking experiment.

  97. more laptops = more screen screen space

  98. Another reason for another laptop is to have another operating system.

  99. Lastly, I want the laptop just so I can win something for once. Cheers!

  100. Why do I want a laptop? Its better for the environment…a laptop uses 76% less energy than a desktop. So along with not wearing any clothes to save on the air conditioning , I’m saving lots money which be could be used for more important things like gas, food or maybe some gosh – darn pretty pink pencils for school. Don’t ya know? ;)

  101. With response to the entry requirements I have a funny (and very cool) story that me and my roommates did our senior year of college. A little background: we went to an engineering school that required all freshmen students to purchase laptops through the IT Dept. Part of the “benefits” of that was having 100% replacement insurance for our laptops if anything ever went wrong.

    So fast forward to senior year…
    By now our laptops are approaching 3.5 years old and getting pretty shotty to say the least. Being Civil Engineering students we had access to some of the labs on our own; one particular lab had a very powerful vibrating table (3-ft x 3-ft) that was used for materials lab.

    To get to the point, I came up with the brilliant idea to place our powered-up laptops on this vibrating table at full force. Six of us decided we were going to do this so all of us made sure we transfered all our files onto external hard drive—well, all except one (he didn’t get that memo). Anyways after a total of 5 weeks, and 5 laptop demolitions, we each had brand new laptops before we left school.

    In case you are wondering, most of the laptops just a high pitch screeching sound with lots of rattling while the keys were popping off the keypad. One laptop even had the screen shatter. We have some of them on video but I can’t find it :( And the roommate who forgot to back up his stuff had lots of files and data lost for his senior engineering design project.

    On a serious note, that same new laptop that I received was just damaged in a recent move about 3 months ago so I am in need of a new one yet again.

  102. i would like to win this because the laptop that i have right now is very very very slow and it might have been dropped a couple of times, i swear not by me.

    um…this website’s pretty cool already but i suppose a little color wouldn’t ruin it : )

  103. I need the new laptop for world domination.

  104. I should win this laptop because I have lots of school work and it be nice to do it all in the comfort of my own home, plus I’ve haven’t had the pleasure of owning one of those sweet things.

  105. I need this laptop so that I can finally rule the world!!!

  106. This website could sure use a little color. I suggest changing the layout to something more exiting!!!!

  107. I should win this laptop because I never won anything in my life!!!!

  108. I feel that I should get the free laptop because I have worked hard all my life, AND IT HASNT PAID OFF YET BECUASE I CAN’T EVEN AFFORD A FRECKIN LAPTOP! And that is why I should recieve it!

  109. My suggestion for the website is to make it a little more easier to navigate. And you could use a some color.

  110. I wish I had a new laptop, or any decent laptop for that matter. To have my parents buy me a laptop solely for my personal school use is a fantasy. It’s not that my parents are selfish or that I am the black sheep of the family. Being the son of two immigrant parents who work hard for every dime they make it is easy to understand why they are not unwilling, but unable to pay for such a in their eyes, a luxury. My family has moved a total of nine times over the course of my lifetime in order to secure a better job for my father. Although the pay will never buy us a Beverly Hills mansion, it does cover the living expenses of two growing children in addition to four aging parents (my grandparents.) My mom’s job outlook is not much brighter. Unfortunately, it seems as if every time my mom finds a new job it’s only a matter of time before she becomes laid off. In the last decade, my mom has held six different jobs in four different hospitals. It becomes hard to request anything new, let alone a computer. I can remember when I needed a renewal to my magazine subscription long overdue. While dimming one of the lights to save power my dad replied, “We need to save money son, your mom is going to be laid off anytime soon.” It’s not the end of the world that my parents have never purchased a laptop for my use. I try to take advantage of the school library, the computer terminals that my tuition offers. However, I am a late sleeper, a night owl, effectively causing me to work when everyone else slumbers. This is a massive inconvenience since once midnight comes I am forced out of the library, left to either beg for a peer’s assistance or left to wait for the next morning (which unfortunately is when I like to sleep). I feel that this laptop will be more of a want, than a need being that I will still get by whether or not I am successful in the contest. However I feel that if I were to succeed, not only would it be a great multitasking machine, but that it may assist me in my night owl way of life.

  111. O, I almost forgot, this site could use a bit less white, and the layout throws my vision off because the article is five miles to the left when it would look better centered.

  112. I should get the laptop because the Dell I had was a piece of sh*t and they won’t even fix it.

    And, as far as Twitter on your blog goes it’s really easy. Twitterfeed.com and you’re set. (tutorial for anyone who needs more info: http://u.mavrev.com/5un )

  113. I should get the laptop because..well..I don’t have one!

  114. I need a new laptop because mine was sent from Hell.

  115. Suggestion for ur blog: That huge RSS icon is annoying ( not more that my Laptop though ).

  116. I would like to win this laptop because it will be SO much easier to be able to use it for school work instead of trying to find an open computer in the library to use.

  117. I should win this laptop because college life has sucked for me so far, and how many people can say that?

  118. I’m currently writing this comment on a 5-yr old Toshiba with a screen that only works on the right hand side and only if always plugged in. I think that’s a pretty good reason

  119. And as for a suggestion for the website it is DEFINITELY to tone down the white. Maybe a soft gray or a light blue, but not Facebook blue. Love the site!!

  120. You really should get some kind of better menu layout on the top – kinda sparce.

  121. I should get the laptop because McCain is a Maverick.

  122. the site could have darker fonts, and a more happy college mood theme would be awesome

  123. Hello, well I need a laptop because i have been wanting one for a while, and dont have the money for it. And plus, studying with a laptop is like having the world’s information at your fingertips which means As!!!!!!

  124. I’ve been using the same desktop for 5 years now and its getting so slow that sometimes I can’t even watch video. Plus I could totally use the portability of a laptop and bring it to class.

  125. I think that I should win the laptop because I bet my friend $50 that if I entered I would win, and it would really suck to loose the laptop, the fifty bucks, and my dignity all in one shot.

  126. Why should I win the laptop? Well, because I won’t need to go to my parent’s house to use their old desktop anymore =)

  127. 1) I would like to win the laptop because I only have a Desktop and cannot take that around with me! I am a freelancer and having a laptop would help make a good first impression on clients.

    2) Lose the two column right hand navigation – its a total waste of space and makes for TOO much of white space. Being a college student oriennted website, I’d go with more vibrant colors too.

  128. I need a laptop for my study… I need a laptop to easily make my school projects and assignments. I need a laptop for my blogging job. I need a laptop for coding apps. I need a laptop for my future. I need a laptop because I don’t have one…


  129. Your site seems not to work properly on Internet Explorer 7. The tag line and the recent post title overlaps. I have captured two screenshots from two different machines, these are very irritating to the eyes of IE7 users.

    Here are the screenshots links:



    The layout of your site is already good, however, I suggest that:

    1. You replace the Subscribe button with a smaller one, it’s too big. Or a direct email subscription box.

    2. You organized the posts the way that is easy for your readers to access (Recent Posts, Categories, Popular Posts, etc.)

    3. Little author picture or avatar.

    4. More site features and useful content.


  130. A new laptop would really help me out. I’m typing this out on an aging HP laptop that is rapidly falling apart. Due to a known fault with this model, if you move it a bit too much when it’s on it’ll shut off, sometimes for days at a time. The wireless doesn’t work on it any more, either. It’s really frustrating not having access to important files when you need them most *and* being tethered to cables.

  131. I should win the laptop because I love laptops.

  132. You have too many menus on and stuff on the right side. Eliminate some sections like the list of contributors and put that data in some other tab, like perhaps the “contact” one that’s already there. Of course, if I look at it for a moment and read it, I can figure it out no problem, but it’s just a lot to take in and not really necessary to have all that on every page.

  133. I need a laptop because my dorm is too noisy at night and so I need to study at the library. Taking a laptop with me to the library would be nice.

  134. I think a more upbeat with vibrant colors would be more what your looking for ..you know something that will put a smile on all faces because in the midst of midterms or finals we all need a little happiness.

  135. This is my 3rd try to post this comment. Either its because of the giveaway a millions of other people are commenting at the same time or your hosting site gets a little punky at times. Besides that , I concur with the masses. Add more color….it wouldn’t hurt to throw in a few extra cowbells either :)

  136. I think the layout could use a little tinkering. The columns with all the various links make the page look cluttered at times, especially when placed next to a thick block of text.

  137. As I look into my old desktop monitor I see many beautiful things happening in my life because of this one a only laptop. I see world peace because of the wonders of me and this laptop, I see final grades of A’s because of me and this laptop, I see ….omg there’s smoking coming out of the monitor… I see…. I see …It’s fuzzy… the laptop sitting on a beach sipping a margarita being fanned by sexy cabana boys???? hmmmmm…..

  138. I should win this laptop because Im tired of having to go to the library everytime I need to finish my assignments!!

  139. Oh yeah, I think that your RSS icon is too big!! Maybe change it to something samller…


  141. I need a laptop because the laptop that I currently have is so broken that whenever I bump the screen it shuts down on me. I am a programmer so I need one that works.

  142. I should win the laptop so I can do my programming on the go and get an A for every class!

  143. Why do I need a laptop? Well, I don’t really, but I sure would like one. On the other hand, my baby sister does need a laptop. She was unfortunate enough to be the last one at home with mom and dad and was sucked into their little world. Luckily, she’s escaped (by the way, our parents aren’t evil, they’re just leeches) and is a freshman student, studying music. She is leading the drum corp, not only at the university she’s attending, but at the local high school as well. She’s carrying 18 credits, is in cheerleading, and is also on the women’s rugby team. On top of all that, she works part time taking care of the elderly at a nursing home. She currently has no computer at all and because of her schedule, she doesn’t always make it to the library in time to get her work done. Add to the list that she’s a great girl and has loads of talent and ambition – and a big brother who wants to see her succeed.

  144. Well, I used to have this sweet sony vaio laptop. I used to make all sorts of digital art and 3D illusions. I had this giant archive of photography and graphic designs… well everything was going well until. SHE came along, had me do her portfolio shots, next thing I knew she moved in… well things got a little rough and less than a month later I wake up and my laptop is gone. My portfolio is gone. Everything I’d been working on, gone… Oh and she even took my roomates laptop and my camera. So now I’m trying to save up money to buy a new laptop (and camera) but most of its going to gas. Maybe one day I’ll have enough… or maybe I can find an online contest to win a new one….
    maybe…. just maybe…

  145. I should get this laptop because I deserve to win something for once!

  146. I should win this laptop because my wife is on her computer all day and I need one for myself.

  147. My advice is to get rid of the left hand side layout..Try centering it instead.

  148. I need a laptop because I don’t have one. It would certainly help me be more mobile while surfing the web. Also my home computer is on its last legs.

  149. Images. You need more images and color on your site. Lots of people are visual and text alone is monotonous.

  150. I don’t know if this is only on this computer, but for some reason some of the words are squished together. The website is a little bit bland and the side bit is kind of confusing.

  151. I need a laptop because my computer at home is practically dead already and chooses to freeze, delete my work, and turn off for no apparent reason.

    Broke Broken Computer=Begging for a laptop from stranger online

  152. Improve the site… hmmm
    you should have a joke of the day! that would be cool! put it up in the side bar and have it change every day! I’m sure there is a script somewhere that will do it automatically. It’d be so cool… :D

  153. Heh, this is kinda a sob story, but I used to have a Sony VAIO laptop. One day my brother, in one of his little bitchy temper tantrums, repeatedly kicked it over and over again. Now this would not make me as mad as I would have been but my parents decided to not only not punish him, but to give him a new laptop and giving me his old desktop.

  154. I should get the laptop so I can take it with me to Brazil, sell it, and make some money to pay my school loans! yay

  155. I want a laptop so I can show it off to my brother and rest once and for all that this contest is for real.

  156. I want a laptop because I don’t have one and could really use it to take notes and stuff.

  157. You should add more color on the site. Plus, while I was browsing around and reading some things on here I started squinting. Can you change the font color to something…darker?
    Make the little bar all the way at the top where it says “home” “contact” “About” a little bigger so we are aware of it.
    That’s about it for now.

  158. Why do I need a laptop? Well my life has pretty much been inundated with old, crappy, second rate, huge, and ancient technology. This is a little odd, considering the fact that my father is an IT person. It’s his job. But when it comes to his daughter…he has the hookup. For old castoffs that are no longer usable at his job. I do own a laptop, and it is almost as old as I am. It is so old that the battery no longer holds a charge and you can’t buy one on the internet. I’ve looked. It has to be plugged in 24/7, and it can’t connect to the internet. It also doesn’t read flash drives. It also doesn’t burn cds, and its floppy drive is broken. In other words–there is no way to get anything off of it so it is pointless.
    I also have a desktop computer. The tower is so huge I use it as a foot rest when I am working on my homework. The monitor is so big it is quite frequently mistaken for a really old outdated tv. I believe about a foot and a half in depth would be the proper measurement. The fan on my tower is so loud that I absolutely have to turn my computer off when I need to sleep, because I can hear it through my earplugs. I have barely enough memory on the c drive for the operating system and office, so saving files is generally done on a flash drive. Which I then have to take to the computer lab in the library to print and transfer. Oh, it also takes about four to eight tries each day to boot up. I have to turn it on, wait for the expected error message, restart and then repeat. Basically…life with my current pc situation is hell and since I will probably not ever be able to afford a laptop (school loans anyone?) this contest is a last hope.

  159. I need a laptop because I don’t have one, and I’m desperately trying to finish my dissertation while working full time with a family at home. I *had* been using a laptop available from work, but I’m no longer able to continue using Zotero (Firefox plugin) on that laptop to manage my research. I’m nearing my deadline for my dissertation and desperately need to be able to work on the go given my various responsiblities and commitments.

    I will be using the laptop everywhere in an effort to get my dissertation completed. I use Zotero.org (Firefox plugin) to manage my research; that allows me to easily collect research online and have it later for offline reading while:

    * working on my dissertation “in the field” (classrooms, I’m in an Educational Pscyhology program);
    * frequently visiting family or in-laws;
    * “watching” the kids’ little league games;
    * sitting outside (or at McDonald’s) to monitor the kids while they play;
    * sitting in the library and still using my interface/browser environment and research database;
    * waiting patientily in the cramped waiting space of the UFO that abducts me monthly for research purposes (they have wifi though!);
    * sitting in my living room to be sociable when we have guests over (instead of getting “in trouble” by holing up in the office where the two, five plus year old desktops sit).


  160. Everyone has a laptop these days, even mickey mouse, aladdin, Tom & jerry. If cartoons can have a laptop, Im a much better cartoon then them. Y not me. And more over How would it Look I carrying my desktop in a large box, then setting it up everywhere on the roads and doing work , then putting it back in the box, It will create such a scene. and damn funny. I Need that laptop to GO mobile, And be able to use it whenever required which i need as a programmer and networking student. I HOpe that laptop buddy will be mine.

  161. MY suggestion:— Simply add a live chat functionality for members to communicate with, that will put more social life in members. And if u can change Use some more vivid colors, Dynamic features, Available on net. and yes a forums as well.

  162. I need this laptop to save the planet from the evil lumberjacks’ conspiracy — my band needs sheet music for the gigs, so we print them and place them on an impovised pedestal.
    We hate printing and we hate ruining the view with those papers. With this laptop, we could just pop up a PDF reader and enjoy the side effect of being the coolest band around :)

  163. I have devised a formula which will predict the next Credit Crunching moment…alas all that is missing is a laptop of this excellance to type it into!
    I would suggest some web 2.0 user-friendly functionality like Twitter!

  164. Why I really need this laptop???

    1. I never had one in my entire live (no kidding).
    2. I don’t have much money to buy one.
    3. I need that laptop to help me do my lesson at school.
    4. I want to improve my skill at IT

    I hope that i could win this competition.

  165. Why I really need this laptop???

    1. I never had one in my entire live (no kidding).
    2. I don’t have much money to buy one.
    3. I need that laptop to help me do my lesson at school.
    4. I want to improve my skill at IT

    I hope that i could win this competition.

  166. i hope you could add some good hint to student in your blog, such as how to study effectively and etc…


  167. I really need a laptop because my current one is not only 4 years old, but falling apart as I write this post. Also due to its proximity to death, without one I will no longer be able to do a lot of my school work (I DEPEND on my laptop…)

    Also I really think that a way for college being improve is to make it much more organized and appealing to the eye. When you go to the first page there is a lot going on and maybe taking a more minimalist approach, could possibly help improve a reader’s experience!

  168. I need the laptop because i need to replace the brick that is under my table’s leg to stop it from wiggling. XD Like many people have mentioned, I think that you should change your websites theme. That would bring more attention to it and of course…make it better.

  169. I would like to win the laptop because I will be graduating from school soon and the computer (a desktop)that I have is really old. It would be very helpful to enter the workplace with a new, fully-functional computer.

  170. For my second entry: I agree with everyone else, there is too much white space. Add some color to get people’s attention. The site looks boring and it might keep some people from reading the articles and giving it a chance.

  171. Contest entry #1:
    Real reason I need a laptop: I am starting a mostly online program for my MBA soon, and my laptop is minutes away from death by overheating (I’m surprised it has lasted this long, it is old and abused and dropped and cracked and slow and I got it free because my company was throwing it out and just gave it to me when I expressed interest in buying it for cheap, they said it wasn’t worth anything, I could take it). I cannot really afford a laptop right now as I need some not-covered-by-my-useless-dental-insurance work that is over $10g.

    Contest Entry #2:
    Improvements: The first time I went to this site I couldn’t navigate to previous pages, the link wasn’t working. Which I realize was a temporary glitch that might not have been your fault, but if I hadn’t wanted to come back here for this contest, you would have lost me forever. Also, I see some empty boxes with that red X in it, which look unprofessional (current example, at least for me, is the 7 ways to get kicked out of college article, above the name Chris Mendes, and, inexplicably, one floating over the comments in that article). And when I clicked to go to this thread, I got a page of ­?콫rI?.?!?9}?샂”u and had to try again. And just aesthetically, I hate that huge orange subscribe box, especially since everything else is so plain and colorless and small. Lots of white space.

    I feel like I am being harsh, but I really like the content of this site, and I haven’t been a reader enough to pick up on what topics aren’t written about enough or what the frequency of articles is. I’ll be checking back.

  172. I should get the laptop because if my broke piece of crap randomly shuts down one more time while I’m in the middle of a project and have forgotten to frequently save the piece I’m working on that’s supposed to be done first thing in the morning and it’s now 3 hours past when any normal person should be sleeping on a Tuesday night especially when you have to be at work by 7:30 the next morning *gasp* I may just go completely and more insane. And let me tell you, it won’t be pretty. I hope I win this laptop not only for me, but for the sake of those around me!

  173. To be perfectly honest, I put on a bit more than the allotted “Freshman 15”. With nearly double that, I’m having trouble motivating myself to get up off the papasan chair in my room to do either 1) get a new computer b) lose some weight or III) change the channel (I think it’s fallen behind the dresser or something…)

    Were I to win this computer, not only would I go find that remote so as not to continue watching TNT, but I’d also lose some weight by beginning to pepper my TV watching days with using the laptop as a dumbbell.

    I think this could really work for me.

  174. “1) You will get one entry into the contest by posting a real (or non-real and funny) reason why you should get the laptop in the comments below.”

    (A.) So I can look at porn on two computers at once! :) Or three if I can snag a friend’s laptop! Or four if I can move my brother’s desktop computer, heheh…
    (B.) To give to one of my good friends, so she can find more information about her computer-phobia.
    (C.) To give to myself for an early Christmas present. :)

    “2) You will get one entry into the contest by posting a comment below about something that can be improved here at College Being to make your experience better.”

    (A.) The nav bar (Home, About, Contact, Tip us) seems kinda…empty and boring. Maybe put an icon above every one of the links?
    (B.) Like someone else said, get rid of the sidebar. Or just combine the two columns into one.
    (C.) White is too bright, especially at night (Hey, that rhymes :P). I prefer black/grey/some other dark color.

    Lol, I’d enter HCBOTM, but not only do I think I’m “too young” (16) to be a mascot for a college site, I’m told that I’m cute like a little puppy, not hot. ;)

  175. I should win this laptop so I can use it on my next vacation trip at the beach, in the Caribbean.

  176. I deserve this laptop because i really really want it and need it. I hope I win it FINGERS CROSSED

  177. LASTLY, I need to win this laptop! Pretty Please!

  178. Use brighter colours to make it eye appealing. If I had a bunch of blogs open in different tabs I want the one that appeals to me. Isn’t just white and bland. I want it to STAND out!

  179. I deserve this laptop because I currently have a hamster wheel running, stone age edition OS, 2 tonne weighing piece of shit.

    I am ready to kick it in the face and make this thing bleed from it’s insides. I talk like this because I have lived with it for 8 years and have made a personal bond with it… it’s also my only friend :(

  180. I should get a laptop because I’m going to be studying at a university out of state this summer and I can’t take my PC with me. Having a laptop would make it infinitely easier to keep in contact with my family while I’m away.

    Plus, I want to get out of the dorm room and into the world. My PC has me chained in here.

  181. There are two things you could do that I think would be improvements to the site.

    1. Have a readily accessible list of categories. (there’s a link to the category at the bottom of each post, but there is no where to look at all the categories together)

    2. Have a “recently popular” or “popular posts” list. I always like to look at those because other people have sifted through the entries for me and picked out the most interesting or useful articles.

  182. I need the laptop so that I can give this one to my boyfriend. That way he’ll quit using mine!

  183. To improve the functionality of the site crop the header background high enough that the most recent post title isn’t over the description below college being or move the top of the post column down low enough that it clears the page header.

    The title of that most recent post as well as the site description are nearly impossible to read as they run into each other in a jumble and the post title melts into the blue header background because the colors are so close in shade.


  184. It is time to replace your laptop when…

    Only 1 of the 2 USB ports is accessible at a time.

    It’s cheaper to upgrade machines than buy a new harddrive – factoring in shopping and travel to do so.

    Typing numbers requires finding the USB tenkey pad you got a year ago or relying on the numbers at the top of the qwerty keyboard (which takes alot longer than a tenkey).

    Screen Images won’t transfer acceptably over to a television for movie viewing.

    …..(fill in more to prove your machine has become extinct on its feet) LOL

    In all actuality mine is beyond extinct and I’m just darn lucky it hasn’t kicked the bucket on me yet since buying a new one isn’t in the budget of a self employed aspiring editor (copy/proofreader not acquisitions).


  185. 256 SDRAM… need I say more?

  186. As for a site suggestion…

    1. I suppose you are using some kind of content management system for your site… so I see no reason for not having an easier way to navigate and finding articles here. You already have them classed into categories… why not have some sort of menu bar. It would make it easier to zero in on stuff that interests me.

    2. The CB graphic at the top is a bit too sober for a college being…

  187. I promised myself the next laptop I would buy would be a macbook. Getting a laptop for free doesn’t count as buying it, right?

    The number pad thing is great though.

  188. I need the laptop so I’m no longer stuck to my ageing desktop. Also, I am about to start a PhD which will likely involve a lot of travel, and being unable to even check my email outside of an internet cafe gets really annoying. I’d been planning to buy the cheapest laptop I can find, but winning this one instead would be awesome!

    One way to improve the site would be to make it easier to find old articles. For example, provide a list of categories, or a list of articles for each month.

  189. My current laptop doesn’t handle video streaming and demonstrations fast enough.

  190. I am trying to get a computer for every room in my house.

  191. My current computer is dead. Completely dead. Sarah Palin shot it, and now it’s dead.

    I have to use my housemate’s computer, or go to the library. It’s awful.

  192. I also need something to play DVDs on. My DVD player was shot too. Luckily my TV still works.

    I’m an electrical engineer and I can’t fix them. That’s how dead they are.

  193. hello. i need this laptop to get through college. secondly, ( not that i asked for anything in return)i was about to get my first laptop with some loans but i found out my sister needed the loans more than me so i gave them to her so she could finish nursing school. she currently has for months to go and thanks me everyday. i try to do right but in the long run i get screwed over. after paying her school, i realized i did not have my books for my college. so basically i am going to school with no car, no books, and no job. luckly, i have the family computer to do my homework with when i can get it in time. if i had this computer it would make life easier for me and it would show me that good things come can come to you.

  194. this website could use some vibrant colors and some designs

  195. I need to win the laptop because I already have a lapbottom and need the laptop to make it work. ;D

  196. In order to make the website better you might also want to have more pictures posted along with your blogs…for the visual learners like me.

  197. And one last thing you might try on your site is to have more contests like this one… ;D I bet that would get you a lot more regular viewers. Just a suggestion…I know I would come back…especially if you picked me as a winner. =D

  198. i should win this laptop because i need a new one. duh.. :)

    may the force be with you..

  199. I need a laptop to work on my blog full-time. I would like to travel and blog with the HP.

  200. I really like template, however, I feel that it is too plain! There are potentials in it and you could make it much better by shifting to a web 2.0 look!

  201. As regards why I need the laptop, I am still with a four-year-old G4 ibook and the upgrade is totaly a must!

  202. I deserve the prize because I’m one of the developers of an open source software for project management and I don’t own a laptop yet. I always have to rely on my boyfriends laptop and when he’s away on business I can’t work the way I’d like to.

  203. I’d suggest you add some photos of your staff. That’s it.

  204. I really need a laptop so I won’t have to break my back anymore carrying around my current computer… Desktops are just not as easy to carry!

  205. 1) Why do I need this laptop? Because I’m looking for a place where put all my stickers! And it’s monitor should be great! :)

    2) I think that this blog should paginate comments … this page is soooo long :)

  206. I need the laptop so that I can sell it to pay for college! It’s worth enough for at least a few months of tuition.

  207. I really think that the white space could use a bit of touch up. The whole color scheme actually. I’ve been looking through some of the other related blogs, and a lot of them are blue and white. Stand out (in a good way)!

  208. I need a new laptop because my room mate dropped it out of my backpack in the airport while yelling at the ticketing agent. The ticketing agent said that he hoped there was something important on it.

  209. I need a new laptop because I’m a student developer at college and hate using the lab computers. :P

  210. Do more posts about GTD to improve my experience! :)

  211. My friend desperately wants me to win this contest so that he finally has someone to mooch off of. His computer is in a sadder state than mine.

  212. *****************
    1) Coz my water is bound to break any day now and I’d like a free loptop to cheer me up in case this one comes out with 3 legs as well. Thank you.

  213. ***************
    2) I’m browsing College Being through a smart-phone (176×208 resolution). Using the symbian native browser I got a badly rendered page with insane html and… well lets just say it doesn’t have a kink for mobile platforms (have you ever considered this?). Using operamini 4.0 (admin, sorry if I’m advertising here) however I got beautiful stuff. One little itch though, certain pages are way too long (an insurmountable wall of text)! I counted 162 page-downs for this page!! Would be sweet if the comments were in offsets of 15 or so. Tried it on opera-mobile v8.5, netscape for mobile and a few other browsers, same results. I browse by disabling images most of the time (coz then its easy on the download content amount & thus on my credit), if I did have images enabled I bet the native browser would take a heavy toll (It renders them in the exact size). Bottomline, any mercy for us dweebs with low-end palmtops & smart-phones?? Well thatz pretty much it you guyz, I’m gonna shut up now, thumbs up!

  214. Hmm…What should you improve about ‘College Being’?

    Promote yourself.
    This is a great blog and I feel bad because I should have found it sooner.
    I’m no expert but here is what I ‘think’ you can do.

    1. Use twitter everytime you have a new post.
    2. Interview other good bloggers.
    3. Ask them to post a guest article here.
    4. And maybe post something of ‘college being’ at their blog.

    It will get more exposure and more people like me can stumble upon it. :)

  215. (Non-real and funny reason, if it wasn’t obvious.)

    A long time ago, I was hacker. Not just any hacker, the greatest one of all. But then, my computer suddenly died. And from that, I left the computer scene for many years. Bouncing from job to job left me unsatisfied as computers was my first love. My last job was a songwriter. The last song I wrote was about my losing my computer. See below for first verse or


    for the full song.

    I’ve since quit and believe that this laptop is just what I need to return to a life of computers. So, please, RNG gods, let me have this laptop.

    The Day My Computer Died
    (Sing to the tune of “American Pie”)
    Apologies to Don McLean

    A long, long time ago
    I can still remember
    The first computer I got

    And I knew my life had peaked
    Cause I was the alpha geek
    With binary filling my every thought

    But September brought out newbs
    Clogging every page with “Me too”s
    Timeouts filled the core,
    I couldn’t take the 404’s

    I couldn’t stand the luser rush
    The spam couldn’t be flushed
    The onslaught was just too much
    But then, my ‘puter died

    Oh my, my computer is fried
    Once a hacker, now a slacker
    Just an ordinary guy
    But I could rise, back to the top
    If I had a new laptop
    If I had a new laptop

  216. I want the laptop so that I can finally have a computer of my own to do work on. As it is I am constantly having to borrow my roommates computer.

  217. my laptop runs on windows 98, second edition.

    my hard drive is 9.9 gb.

    I use a pc card to connect wirelessly.

  218. creating one more column that showcase the most read entries on this blog would be very helpful for future readers.

    this is my casual observation on possible improvement.

  219. i really need this laptop so that i can do somenthing useful like play tetris on the way to work everyday

  220. i agree with everybody yeah make that rss feed icon smaller, you know

  221. and changing the colors will work as well

  222. i just want to feel the “Microsoft Vista” experience….

  223. My desktop is getting more and more outdated (weak fan and only 512 RAM…), so getting a brand new fast laptop would be a major upgrade to the high-tech side of my life. :)

  224. The main thing I would change about your site at this point? I’d tweak the script to enable users to open the comments page in a new tab. I like to scroll down the blog and open the comments pages in new tabs, so I can go over them in order and see what other readers think. Opening each comment page individually, going back, scrolling down and opening a new page is too tiresome.

  225. Another reason I need a laptop: I’ve never had one in my life. Sure, I’ve had my fair share of desktops, but a laptop would be a whole new experience.

  226. I think the blue banner could be improved on a bit. It’s a bit plain, and a couple more images might improve the overall appearance. Don’t go overboard though, otherwise it will look too busy.

  227. Last thing I can think of. The orange subscribe button takes up a lot of space. My eyes keep drifting towards it as I read your posts. Perhaps making it smaller or more integrated into your design would help.

  228. I should win because then I could keep up to date with College Being all the time.

    As for improvements, I think one sidebar, rather than two, on the right might be better.

  229. I should win because then I could keep up to date with College Being all the time.

    As for improvements, I think one sidebar, rather than two, on the right might be better.

  230. What I would change about the site? I would merge the two side columns into one. This would make a lot more horizontal space for the content, and reduce on the white space on the right.

  231. Why should I be the lucky recipient of this laptop? I quite mistakenly believed that my last laptop was fond of corporate carbonated beverages. Unfortunately that didn’t pan out. I have learned a valuable lesson and am prepared never to assume again. This laptop will be the most pampered, the most worshiped laptop in existence, and I shall be more receptive to its controlling my mind and person in every aspect of life.

  232. I think that your blog like many others have said, could use less white and have a greater mixture of other, vibrant colors. Also, it really bothers me how you have to columns of menus on the right side. The menu titles don’t stand out and the RSS feed icon is way too big. Just some things to think about.

  233. something to improve the site-
    I’m not sure if it’s just on my computer, but at the top of the page, there’s the logo and below that it says “College Being: Real Life for College Students”. THEN there’s the title of whatever page I’m on, like on this page it says, “HP Freshman 15: Detalis”…well the “HP Freshman 15: Detalis” is on top of the “College Being: Real Life for College Students” (which of course makes it hard to read)..so fixing that would be good =]

  234. Something else: I would make the RSS icon much smaller, although the orange does compliment the blue of the header. Adding some more color besides the RSS icon would be a good move, the white seems a little plain. Also the color of the text should be darkened, it would give the text more contrast and make it easier to read (don’t use a complete black though).

  235. I believe that I should win the laptop because the computer I am currently using does not exist. I have to go to the library or the computer lab to have any access to a computer, which, as you can imagine, is a pain

  236. As far as changing any part of your blog, there isn’t much to recommend. However, if I could change anything, it would to either have the login-box, or some of the navigation links on the left side of the page, the right side tends to look a bit cluttered,

  237. I need a laptop because I’m going to college in two years and my finger have all signed a petition for me not to write all my papers by hand.

  238. I need a laptop because every two seconds my dad comes in the room and asks “Are you done yet?” because I have dial-up [Yes they do exist] and I have to use a long distance number which is more expensive [which is why he wants me off so quickly plus he wants to use it] since the local number has been busted for years and we’re trying to get it fixed up but I don’t see it going to be fixed in the next century.

  239. My idea is that you should have an archives list of your entries displayed on the side
    Those are really helpful if someone [like me] wants to search your specific dated entries at this specific time and such

  240. I like how you have a good list of other related resources in your blog roll. I would recommend further adding to this list. There was one college -related website I would frequent just because of its extensive list of resources in their blog roll. (I think the site was College V2 if I’m not mistaken)

  241. “1) You will get one entry into the contest by posting a real (or non-real and funny) reason why you should get the laptop in the comments below.”

    As an engineering student that wants to become a machine designer, programs such as SolidWorks are essential to making the 3D models that turn into real machines. Since I’m a student also, money is tight, making a laptop that can actually run software like that out of my price range of 10$. So getting this laptop would help out a young engineers career…. Heart-warming isn’t it ;)

  242. “2) You will get one entry into the contest by posting a comment below about something that can be improved here at College Being to make your experience better.”

    Even though some website owners like having a plain layout so it doesn’t detract from the articles that they are producing, this webistes layout could use a little bit more pizazz. I don’t mind because I enjoy the content, but if people come through the website using a service like “Reddit” or “StumbleUpon”, they might not have enough catch their eye to stay and read….. Just a thought!

  243. 1.My first entry with real reason is given below:
    I am working full time and am studying for the Advanced Diploma in French language program.
    The classes are held from 7.45 AM to 8.45 A.M on weekdays, Monday to Friday. My day starts early and I leave my home at 7.10AM.to commute by Metro to the school. After the class, it is another half an hour journey in the metro till I reach my office. In the evening, I catch the 6 PM. metro and reach home by 7PM.After a quick jog, shower and dinner I study for around 45 min.

    I utilize the travelling time by revising frequently, a necessity for learning any foreign language. My strategy is to study in small chunks of time spread over the entire day-three slots of 25-30 min while commuting in the metro, 30 min slot during the lunch break and finally at night. I immediately revise what has been taught in the class, while commuting to my office. Any available time at night is utilized by working with the multi- media interactive CDs.

    It is only over the weekends when I can visit the internet sites which contain many short tests / quizzes, internet edition of French newspapers like Le Monde etc.

    As per my study methodology, I need to carry my complete study material with me in a compact form no matter wherever I go.
    In case I have a laptop, I can utilize it as a single point storage and retrieval system for various activities: taking notes and recording lectures in the class, doing assignments- particularly translation, writing short essays- using the interactive CDs, saving the web pages of French learning sites and newspapers in the laptop in the morning and reading them during the day while commuting instead of waiting to reach home. The biggest help will be in completing my term projects. A laptop is compact and portable and when I am carrying it, I would be in effect carrying all my study material with me.

    A laptop at this stage will be a big help to me.

    2. The second entry with a suggestion is:
    Please, have a “Archives” and “Most visited/popular” list on to the right side as sufficient space is there.

  244. Why do I need a laptop?

    Because I’m tired of using the slow computers in my college. They are so slow. You go and get yourself a coffee and it will still be busy loading application. Btw coffee?

    *slides a warm coffee mug to you*

    Oh..And they won’t even let us students spend more than one hour on the computer each day. *horror music*

    I already cleared my desk to create a place for the laptop. (Hey..ignore the cluttered drawer!) xD

    The laptop is so shiny. I could stare at it for eternity.

    *stare* *stare*
    *sorry..something got into my eye* ;)

  245. Plain and simple : I need the laptop so that I can give it to my daughter, so that she may have the opportunities that I didn’t have.

  246. Your Website is kind of cold, needs some life !, some animation .

  247. Why do I need a laptop ?

    Got a couple of reasons.. Firstly, I’m tired of using desktop , I need a laptop for a change.
    Secondly, for handling my projects and presentations I need an laptop for that purpose and one of the configuration HP are providing are simply mind blowing.

    How to improve your site ?

    Auto update feature and Database aren’t well developed. Have a tendency of crashing. The colors of the site need to have more life in it i.e the overall tone of the site need to be more toned up.

  248. I need a laptop for a simple yet important reason – I make some money from the side by photographing at weddings etc., and a laptop could really boost my productiveness and make my clients a bit happier :P

    I also have an idea to improve the site: add a “story of the week” corner and have people send in their (annonymous) crazy college stories :D

  249. I should get this laptop because as I was walking along, a ninja attacked me and then I used my laptop to defend myself and a flying star slashed through my laptop, breaking it in half. But I lived. Without a new laptop, how can I defend myself from more ninjas? Who always want to kill me.

  250. Three fateful nights ago, I was sitting at home playing the game Kitten Cannon on my laptop, when I heard this loud crash. I looked out my bedroom window and saw what looked to be a small-sized space ship that had crash-landed on the roof beneath my window. Regretably, I opened my window to get a closer look. I didn’t see anything right away, so I went back to playing Kitten Cannon, forgetting to close my window.

    The rest happened so fast. Before I knew what was happening, this short, furry creature with a long snout and big ears was gnawing on my laptop! I screamed, and tried to stop it from eating my laptop, but it was too late. Exasperated, I yelled, “WHAT DID YOU DO THAT FOR?!?!” I wasn’t expecting an answer, but I was greeted by the creature saying, “I thought it was a cat.” I looked at him, and suddenly knew who I was dealing with: Alf. That lovable 80’s tv alien that was always getting into trouble. Alf, THE Alf, ate my laptop.

    After having a long conversation with him, I was able to forgive him for what he did. He really is a friendly little guy, and I couldn’t stay mad at him for long. Plus, he had DVDs on his spaceship of all the episodes of Alf ever made, and he kindly gave them to me as his way of saying sorry. Only problem is, my only way of watching DVDs was by using my laptop. Looks like the DVDs will have to sit on my shelf for awhile.

    But now here I am, a college student, without a laptop. I haven’t even considered the thought of telling my professors, ‘Alf ate my homework.’ My only alternative is to win this laptop and get my life back together. Alf has severely inconvenienced me by eating my papers and notes, and I need a way of rebuilding what was lost. I can’t even watch the DVDs he gave me unless I win this laptop. Please! Alf was a great tv show, and to not watch the DVDs on a brand new laptop would be a crime.

    Let this serve as a warning: When playing Kitten Cannon, be very careful. Lock your windows and doors. Alf is out there, somewhere. Don’t let your poor, unsuspecting laptop (or cat!) be his next victim.

  251. Something that I think would improve and enhance College Being is videos. I think some people have suggested pictures, as well as adding more color, and reducing white space. These are all great ideas to start with. I think videos would take the site to the next level. There could be video blogs where the authors/editors talk about what they have in store for the website, or staff members could talk about how their college experience was/is. You could even take it to the streets (campuses?) and interview students. I think videos would be a great addition to the site.

  252. I believe I should recieve that laptop because I have a really really old emachine computer that’s 10 years old. The reason why I haven’t gotten a new one is because of financial purposes. Sad I know, but it’s the truth. I’m so poor, I can’t afford a laptop.

  253. Your site is very plain and that’s sometimes good for a broken down old computer like mine that can’t process complicated things. I suggest not adding anything complex and stick to the color. Perhaps a nice shade of neon colors needs to be applied for that appealing look.

  254. One thing that I find would help the College Being site is an easier form of navigation between categories such as a section for Product Review, Life lessons and so forth

  255. I need a new computer because my old one is to old to play one of the few games that I love. I barly ever have time for games because of all my studying, but when I have time for a break it would be nice to play a nice game on a new laptop.

  256. I need a new laptop to share with my fiance. We are saving up for our wedding and for our new place and we dont have the money to invest in a computer. We both go to college and the computer would be used for our essays and for storing the videos of our new matrimony.

  257. The new laptop would be used so my 3 year old son can play a few games and go on nickjr.com while I study and actually educate myself so I can feed the poor kid.

  258. The laptop would be given to my 17 year old son who is about to graduate high school and go to college.

  259. Another thing I would change about the site: Add photos. Photos add life to words, they are even known to be worth 1000 words. Photos would give your blog the much needed color and uniqueness.

  260. I have big plans for this laptop. I live in Guatemala, and this laptop would get a chance to see some of the most amazing places in the world… I would use it when I’m decoding maya glyphs in a maya ruin and when I’m working on my school papers at home. This laptop would see volcanoes erupt and caribbean sharks dive. Give a laptop a chance to see the world! (or at least the Guatemala part of it)

  261. I think I should win so I can have a Christmas present for my girlfriend. Her computer blue screens every 20 mins and she is missing some keys.

  262. I should win the laptop because mine sucks, and I can tell it’s going to die soon. I really need a laptop for school (as does everyone I’m sure), but as a completely independent student, everything is on me to buy and there’s no way I could afford one in the coming years.

  263. I don’t know if its just me, but every time i view this page, the heading blends in with the first headline and makes it difficult to read. might want to work on that.

  264. Contest entry #1:
    My real reason is that I never had a laptop in my life. I think it’s because God doesn’t really want me to happy, or it is just me. I’m still living with my mom (aaahhh!!!), whose desktop computer I’m still using, since I may never win a laptop. I hate using it; it’s too slow, and it crashes all the time, and it is way too old. Since there are other people who entered this contest, who are also definitely more worthy than me, I don’t think I’m going to get picked, but thanks for the chance. All I know is that I’ve always wanted a laptop, even though I don’t deserve one.

    Contest entry #2:
    I have nothing bad to say about CollegeBeing.com, because it is not my website, I didn’t pay for it, and I didn’t design it, so I have absolutely nothing to say, except thanks for giving insignificant people like me a chance too better their lives, even if their lives were meant to go downhill.

  265. I need a laptop because I don’t have my own computer; I’m currently using my father’s.

  266. I think College Being’s readability could be improved by condensing the two rightmost columns. The RSS feed logo is huge, and should be replaced with a smaller one. The login box can then be placed where the RSS logo is now, and the “Authors” and “Stories” links also moved to the right column. The search box would be most useful in the top right, under the four main links.

    Although this may seem a bit crowded, it would give blog posts more room to spread out, and thus more prominence. People visit College Being to read the posts, not to look at the links.

  267. i need a laptop so i can surf the net outside! also i agree that the RHS should be one column not two to improve readability.

  268. Why I should have this laptop? BYAH

  269. I’d like the laptop for two reasons…
    First is because my PC (a desktop) went out like a war hero; in a giant spark and smelling of burnt plastic, and I’ve been a widower ever since.
    Seriously, cybercafe computers are really annoying to use as a primary computing tool for school and work…
    Second, I miss games. I used to be a halfway-addicted gamer who’s now been relegated to playing Snake and Tetris on phone. This past year has been enough withdrawal, and I hope I’d get a chance to pick up that hobby/addiction again… Plus it’s a great machine…
    As for recommendations to College Being, well, tabbed comment posts would save space on the page…

  270. I’m a tech geek who never has enough money to get the good products.

    I wish I had enough money to get a laptop like this, and that’s exactly why I’m entering.

  271. You wanna know why I am in dire need of a laptop? Well, because in school the other day, on various desks, someone, perhaps a force beyond us all, wrote “The Zombie apocalypse is near.” I am going to signal, using the laptop, extraterrestrial beings (because our government is too concerned about Nobel Peace Prizes and Joe Bruno), and ask them to confiscate the zombies. Yes, with a new laptop, I will do exactly what I just said. And my research paper that was due Friday.

  272. If I win this free laptop, I can finally turn in all my late assignments!

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  278. I should get the laptop because I need something to work off of. Its hard to do projects on a tablet, if I can get them done at all. I also desperately need a laptop for studying as well as other things. Thank you for this opportunity BTW.

  279. I know everyone’s already been saying it but for my second entry you should definitely work on making the site less White. Add some more colors and decorations to make it more pleasing to look at. But that’s all, in my opinion.

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