Due to Popular Demand: New College Being Design

Due to all the requests to change our design we recently recieved, we have done as you guys requested. Christopher, 2Leaf‘s design staff, and I stayed up all night working on this goodness. Hopefully now, without the massive RSS button, you will be able to read our stories less distractedly (amazingly, that is a real word). We are still working on many more improvements to the site so stay tuned. Now enjoy and let us know your comments below.

3 Thoughts on “Due to Popular Demand: New College Being Design”

  1. Ooh, I like. :) Although I wish the “By …, on …, posted in…” part was maybe under the whole post or under the title, and maybe that there was a little more color on the whole site.

    And hooray, cheri font! C: I’ve got that pretty font on my other computer. (For anyone who doesn’t know, it’s the “Welcome to college being” one, with the I dotted with a little heart)

  2. I like the new look. It’s clean, attractive, and to the point. Good choice!

  3. Thanks guys. We will continue to work on the site to make it better.

    @D: I like your idea. We will play with doing something like that during this next week and see how it looks.

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