Different Ways We Learn

It used to be that instruction only came one way – by sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher provide a lecture. While this method is still the most popular means of instruction today, students now have many options when looking to gain new knowledge. Technology offers students or employees a number of […]

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Paying for a Semester Abroad

Every college student knows that working while receiving an education is not a simple task. Time management is of the essence, and money can become scarce. So why even think about something so far out of reach such as studying abroad? Because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and it may not be […]

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Do Not Drink and Text: 4 Easy Ways to Prevent Embarrassment with the Ex

You have all the control in the world during the day. But as soon as the sun sets and down a few “adult” beverages, your fingers turn into your worst enemy. Alas you end up texting the very same person you swore you’d never contact again—your ex. While reading the misspelled words can cause a […]

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Why you shouldn’t worry about your liberal arts degree

You wanted to be a liberal arts major for any number of completely valid reasons. You followed your passions, just as everyone told you to do when you entered college. Whether your interest was British poetry, art history, U.S. foreign policy, or the sociology of village life in the southern Philippines, you pursued it with […]

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10 Things to Know about Pivot Tables

Pivot tables are used in Microsoft Excel for easy compilation and analysis of large volumes of data. A pivot table summarizes the list of information into a simplified format arranging the rows and columns as per the requirement of the user and also provides options for easy rearrangement. These tables are considered one of the […]

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