What can make up do for you?

Hello, everyone! Although I originally considered that my first post, I’d like to post something unique… And extravagant, I was struck by the pangs of laziness, and thusly found myself looking at the most mundane of items on the internet, and placed here. This is my distraction from studying the practice MCAT book laying upon […]

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How to get people to ignore you

Not everyone is interested to stay and play in the limelight. Others (read: me) love to hide in the shadows, sulk and not engage in any undertaking. Unfortunately, several activities require our presence – assemblies, club meetings, seminars, and so on. For such scenarios, I have with me my trusty list of Ignore-me tactics. Use […]

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4 Things to Consider when Picking your First Apartment

One of the most exciting things about college is finding that first apartment. The parents are gone and what better way to celebrate your independence than living with your closest friends? It becomes your home away from home, sanctuary, and your space to relax when college gets too crazy. However, it can easily become your […]

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Sleepless and proud… Really?

One of the most puzzling trends that’s emerged in the supercharged, super busy life of the modern man is the pride associated with sleep deprivation. “I didn’t get any sleep last night” is said with an air of bored superiority and translated as “I work so much more than you”. Are we really competing with […]

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Different Ways We Learn

It used to be that instruction only came one way – by sitting in a classroom and listening to a teacher provide a lecture. While this method is still the most popular means of instruction today, students now have many options when looking to gain new knowledge. Technology offers students or employees a number of […]

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