How to Get a Super-Hot Body

With all these modern diets and workout routines, it is hard to know which ones give you that super-hot body which will make all members of the opposite sex droll enough saliva to fill a medium-sized graduated cylinder. Well, here you go: The I Want Six Pack Abs routine This routine will take you through […]

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How to Get a Job After College: General Guidelines

Getting a job after college can be a frustrating experience smashing you between moving back home with your parents and picking a job you do not really want. Here are some general guidelines that will help you in your quest: Location, Location, Location Where to move to after college can be a big factor in […]

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Why Use Condoms? – Fun Condom Commercials

It’s the weekend so let’s relax and think about sex. It is funny how a lot of these fun condom commercials tend to be French. Here they are: Why you should use condoms:

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Chips and Beer DIY: Keep Chips Fresh and Open a Beer Bottle Like a Monkey

Beer and chips. The classic college foods, but too bad you always need a bottle opener or one of those chip sealing devises to truly enjoy. Not any more. The following two video tutorials are for either the poor college student that cannot afford to buy his or her own small kitchen appliances or for […]

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My Favorite Colors: Green, Black, White, and Oolong?

Tea is a great alternative to soda. Just it’s lack of large amounts of sugar makes it a great choice, but recent research has found some great health benefits in many different types of tea. Green tea is high in antioxidants which is great for the body. Who knew one of the best anti-cancer drugs […]

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