11 Great Suggestions for Your New Year’s Resolution (with Tips!)

The New Year is coming. I am still thinking of how to improve myself for the first month and then give up. If you are as well, here are some suggestions for New Year’s resolutions: 1. Become Healthier Instead of making a resolution to lose weight, why not make one to become healthier. Eat right […]

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During finals season…

During finals season, keep in mind the things that are truly important. Sure final exams can have a large impact on your grades, but real happiness comes from things you enjoy doing. Take a 30 minute break to see a friend and don’t take exams too seriously. You will be a much happier person.

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Grammar 101: A vs. An

Grammar will be important in the papers you hand in, in your business career, and in how people perceive you. You should use an β€œa” before all words that begin with consonants. * a cat * a pineapple * a brown dog * a popsicle * a broken crayon Use β€œan” before all words that […]

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The Most Amazing Science Videos: Part 1, The Universe

The following six videos are must-sees. They will increase your knowledge of the universe and are entertaining as hell: 1. Black Holes Black holes are stars that have condensed themselves to become super-dense. Due to this, objects are able to get very close to them and be pulled into their event horizons ever to be […]

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How to Make Your RA’s Life Easier

The following is a guest post by our friend Max Carter from Tales from Your Favorite RA. We personally love his style of a novel-esc writing so be sure to check his blog out! My name is Max Carter and I am an RA at a small college in Maine. I am often asked by […]

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