Guns on Arizona Campuses

With all the recent school shooting, guns on campus has become an issue of popular conversation even diverting some media coverage from the 2008 elections. Our very own Nick Bernard, who previously wrote about the issue, will be happy to hear that an Arizona bill was passed allowing students with concealed weapons permits (and over the age of 21) to carry guns on state-owned campuses. State Senator Karen S. Johnson sponsored the bill that was approved by Senate Judiciary Committee last week.


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2 Thoughts on “Guns on Arizona Campuses”

  1. I am happy to hear that, thanks. A couple comments on the story linked:

    –“The critics of such laws predict that they would cause more problems, including making it hard for the police to sort a dangerous gunman from a crowd of others with guns.” Well, let’s see. The gunman is the guy who walks in and starts shooting innocents. The good guys are the ones standing there unharmed eight minutes later when the police show up.

    –“‘I grew up in the country and a lot of people had guns,’ Mr. Boice [President of the Arizona Board of Regents and evidently opposed, though not strongly, to the measure] said. ‘But my father said never carry a gun unless you are prepared to kill somebody, and I believe that.'” This I’d actually agree with him on. There’s a mindset to carrying a weapon that is basically: “I accept that I may have to take the life of another human being, a person with friends, family, and loved ones, in order to protect myself and/or those around me.” This is not an easy decision for some–there are those who, quite literally, would die before defending themselves with lethal force. Personally, I think this is foolish, but it’s true that if you are not prepared to kill someone you should not be carrying a weapon.

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