How to Choose an Online MBA Program

Business school sure has its benefits. But how do you go about choosing the right program? Here is our helpful guide on choosing the right online MBA program: Is it Accredited Many online programs claim to be accredited or are “accredited” by a made-up organization. Be sure to do proper research on both the school […]

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Beer + Chips = Joy

Cost Plus World Market has been promoting their new Beer Chips recently. They were nice enough to send us a copy. Unfortunately for us, our chip-addicted boss got a hold of the bag! We quickly ordered more from as our local World Market was out. Here are our thoughts: Taste What do they taste […]

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Majors That Will Actually Make you Some Money!

CollegeCandy tells us which college majors will make the most money: Engineer- $66,000: Whether you choose to focus on computers, environment, systems or mechanics, you’ll be happy to know that all engineer positions are well-paying (and therefore, well worth the extra year of studying!) Plus, considering how quickly things are advancing right now, there’s always […]

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Managing Type I Diabetes in College: Do’s and Don’t’s

Type 1 diabetes is a disease that is characterized by the body’s inability to produce insulin. Patients are usually diagnosed with this disease early on in life, after exhibiting common symptoms, including frequent urination, weight loss, and abnormally frequent hunger and thirst. While many young adults learn to effectively cope with their diabetes, the transition […]

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5 Scholarship Websites Every College Applicant Should Be Aware Of

What is the most vital part of the process of applying for college? Some applicants would say it is passing all exams or making sure that your high-school transcript looks good. Others may state that the most important part is preparing all the needed documents and selecting the institution.  Each of these answers is true. […]

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