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CollegeCandy‚Äôs Guide to On-Campus Jobs College Candy has a guide to five of the most useful college jobs including being a tutor, bartender, sports staff, and more. Desk Job: […] If you can snag one of these jobs, you will be envied by ALL of your friends. Basically you are getting paid to do your […]

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10 Powerful Tips When Selecting College Degree

For many students, choosing which degree to study in college is one of the toughest decision they need to make as they progress in life. In most of the occasions, their decisions are influenced by parents and friends rather than their own objective evaluation. They may not know that any wrong decision made can result […]

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Video of the Month: The Most Difficult Game Ever Created

Commentary by Cr1TiKaL. [Thanks Menglu!]

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The Video Game Marching Band

The following video is the best marching band we have come across. It appeared during the Cal vs Stanford game in 2007. If you grew up in the 90s, most of these will be familiar to you. The games are featured in this order: Pong Tetris Mortal Kombat Pokemon Zelda Super Mario [Thanks to Ning […]

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How to Survive a Ninja Attack

[Thanks Ning] Step 1. Avoid Eye Contact Never look a ninja directly in the eyes. You will become temporarily blinded. The best way to avoid eye contact while still winning the fight is to blindfold yourself. This way you will not be tempted to look into those dark, mysterious eyes of pure evil. Step 2. […]

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