China Gives American Protesters 10 Days in Jail

Story here. It’s beyond me how the Chinese government and its apologists can possibly claim that they believe in anything resembling freedom.

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Speak Up

The following email was just forwarded to me credited to Dr. Emanuel Tanay [original author may be Paul E. Marek]. I think it teaches some important lessons that we cannot learn so easily and decided to share with the rest of you. A German’s View Of Islam A man, whose family was German aristocracy prior […]

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Forbes’ America’s Best Colleges List

Forbes just released a list of America’s best colleges to try to complete with the US News & World Report rankings. In conjunction with Dr. Richard Vedder, an economist at Ohio University, and the Center for College Affordability and Productivity, inaugurates its first ranking of America’s Best Colleges, an annual list. In this report, […]

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China revokes visa for American athlete

The Chinese government has revoked the visa of American gold medalist Joey Cheek, in response to Cheek’s plans to travel to the Olympics to support Team Darfur, a group of Olympic competitors whose goal is to raise awareness about the genocide and violation of human rights taking place in the Sudanese region. The Chinese government […]

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Fox News (Finally?) Busted

So it seems that MSNBC has finally told everybody what we all have known for ages: The White House has been feeding stories to Fox News: On a similar note: [via Digg]

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