Meet New People: The 5 Largest College-Age Meetups in the U.S.

Starting your first year of college is a difficult task in and of itself; moving to an entirely new city to do so can be even more stressful. Finding your way around, meeting new people and becoming generally accustomed to a new way of life requires both courage and commitment, but even when you don’t know a single person in your local area, help is always just around the corner!

The internet is many things to many people but one area where it shines for each of us is in its ability to help us to meet like-minded people and moving to a new town for school offers an excellent reason to take advantage! Give your efforts a boost by attending any of these five largest U.S. meetups helping college students get accustomed to a new place:

1. 20- and 30-Somethings in San Francisco

This large group of young adults in the San Francisco area offers newcomers and long-time residents alike the opportunity to mingle and socialize while getting to know the city and what it has to offer. The group gets together in order to take in local events at a variety of venues, bringing together a wide array of personalities and making it easy to start a conversation and make a new friend.

If you’re interested in taking your participation up a notch, the group welcomes anyone who would like to help organize events, giving you a close-up window into the very heart of San Francisco and its attractions.

When and Where: The 20- and 30-Somthings in San Francisco group meets several times each month during the summer with the cooler months of winter slowing things down only a little! With a wide variety of events and locations on the itinerary, there is no better group to help a young newcomer to become a Bay Area expert.

2. Fun Times Soccer NYC

New York City is a huge and sometimes intimidating town, often overwhelming newcomers with its sheer size, in both area and population. This can sometimes leave those new to the Big Apple feeling more disconnected than ever despite the mass of people around them, but, thankfully, the Fun Times Soccer NYC social group is an excellent way to get to know your urban neighbors while giving your body a vigorous workout as well!

While scores are kept and a competitive spirit is encouraged, this soccer group is more interested in bringing people together than turning out professional athletes, making the atmosphere of teamwork one that works directly towards making new friends.

When and Where: The Fun Times Soccer NYC group meets in various areas of New York City, often several times per week, bringing together several different groups in locations that work best for each of them. Use this search for lodging help

3. L.A. Adventurers

California coastal areas offer a unique location for adventure and make for an exciting way for those new to the City of Angels to get to know one another outside of school. Focusing on general outdoor activities such as urban biking and weekends camping trips, this group extends to embrace general culture venues as well, ensuring that you’ll be taking part in all activities with a group of well-rounded, fun individuals.

When and Where: Events planned by the L.A. Adventurers group take place in and around Los Angeles, typically once or twice per month depending on what is going on in the city.

4. Austin Coalition for Youthful Merriment

Embracing anything and everything that offers fun and excitement, the Austin Coalition for Youthful Merriment invites those freshly arrived in Austin to take part in a variety of experiences meant to be enjoyed in a group setting, helping you to make new friends while enjoying the best of what the city has to offer.

When and Where: The city of Austin, Texas plays host to this particular band of merry men and women, with events organized several times each month for anyone interested in taking part.

5. Seattle College-Age Social Group

Join others your age in Seattle at meetups of the College-Age Social Group, a combined force of students between 18-26 years old that get together for good times and good conversation in and around this renowned and rainy Washington city. Activities include dining, outdoors activities, movies, bowling – whatever promises to be fun and interesting!

When and Where: Members of the Seattle College-Age Social Group get together on an irregular basis, meeting a few times each month as time and events allow.

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