What to do When you miss an Exam

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It’s every student’s nightmare: you stay up till the crack of dawn cramming for an exam that’s worth a quarter of your final grade, but whoops! You forget to set your alarm clock and snooze right through it. As horrific as it may sound, this unfortunate scenario occurs more than you would think. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help salvage your grade if this were to ever happen to you. Here is what to do if you ever miss an exam:

Think-Fast. If you happen to wake up while your exam is taking place, the first thing you want to do is decide whether you have enough time to even take at least a portion of the exam. This is because it’s better to earn a 40 percent on an exam than a zero—seldom is it possible to recover from a zero, even if your other marks are high.

It may include you dashing across campus in your pajamas, but it will certainly be worth it. Take note that some professors have strict rules about attendance and test days. For example, some professors don’t allow their students to enter their classroom if a student is more than 15 minutes late for an exam. If this is the case or perhaps you live off campus and won’t be able to make it in enough time, your best bet would be to regain your composure and think about how you are going to explain this to your professor. Click to continue reading…


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CollegeCandy’s Guide to On-Campus Jobs

College Candy has a guide to five of the most useful college jobs including being a tutor, bartender, sports staff, and more.

Desk Job: […] If you can snag one of these jobs, you will be envied by ALL of your friends. Basically you are getting paid to do your homework.

[Also, here are 3 Jobs You Can Start While Still In College.]

the only advice in college

Nathan from How to Spell College says to sleep, cram, don’t cram, ask questions, be extroverted, and about ten more useful tips including:

stay true to yourself—but when something whispers in your ear that you might be wrong, don’t be afraid of listening to it: change a bit, experiment, balance.

Are You A Social Media Oversharer?

Christie, from College Candy, also gives some useful advice:

Personal hygiene is known as personal hygiene for a reason, and strangely enough, I don’t want to know when you’re hopping in the shower and curling your hair. And I really don’t know when you are feeling bloated; you don’t see me posting on your wall about how heavy my period may or may not be.

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Booze Reviews: Newcastle DraughtKeg

[Editor’s note: College Being was sent a review sample of Newcastle DraughtKeg. This will not influence our opinions.]

Newcastle now joins Heineken with their own mini keg offering. The Newcastle DraughtKeg is a mini 5-litre keg. It comes with enough beer for 14 regular 12 oz servings and costs about $15 to $20 depending on where you live. The mini keg comes pre-pressurized so you do not need to pump and it can easily fit into a Beertender.

The DraughtKeg

The DraughtKeg is great. You get great-tasting fresh beer just as you would in a bar in Scotland. The keg stays fresh for up to a month, so even if you do not have a bunch of people over or if you are just an occasional beer drinker, it is perfect for you. We experienced no difference in taste and keg pressure from the opening date until we finished it.

There is no need to pay CRV costs for 12+ bottles when you buy a mini keg. That can add up to quite a bit if you’re in a state that charges CRV. Also the mini keg saves a lot of space in your fridge and weights a lot less than carrying 14 glass bottles.

Our biggest complaint with the system is that the DraughtKeg does not appear to be easily recyclable whereas glass bottles or aluminium cans can easily be recycled just about anywhere.

The Beer

Newcastle is a good brown ale with a full-body taste with hints of caramel and fruit. The foam is silky and the aftertaste is sweet. If you like Newcastle, be sure to try the DraughtKeg version. In our opinion it is fresher, tastier, and gives you more control of how much foam you want.

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13 Absolutely Crucial Habits of Successful Students


Being a successful student is a must with the raising costs of education. You have to go in there with a plan. Aimlessly going through each day will just bring you frustration and not success. You have already mastered how to write best SOP and now it’s time to master your studies.

We list habits of successful students. Follow these and you will become successful too.

  1. Time management This is very crucial and you should master this if you want to achieve success. It is probably the most effective and important habit.

  2. Study smart and not hard Successful students have mastered this. If you find a technique that works for you, it will be easy to cover your content. Be if flashcards or a brain map. Find what works best for you.

  3. Statement of purpose Your statement of purpose is your foot in the door. This is where the admission team will decide if you are successful or not. If you are not a good writer, perhaps hire a statement of purpose writing service. These SOP writing services can relieve some stress.

  4. Click to continue reading…

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3 Jobs You Can Start While Still in College

College means different things to different people. For some it’s a time to let their hair down before they settle down to becoming serious professionals, for others it’s a launching pad that helps them achieve their professional and personal dreams and goals, and for yet others it is a sea of opportunities that they must tap before someone else does. It is this last group of students who think about becoming entrepreneurs even before they graduate. They don’t launch their companies with fanfare and pomp; rather, they start out quietly on their computers, they are their only employee, and the money made is nothing to write home about. However, the very fact that they’re doing something worthwhile speaks volumes about the kind of adults they will grow up to become.

If you want to join this bandwagon, here are a few jobs that allow you to stay on campus, focus on your lessons and also earn some money on the side:

Freelancing on the Internet: If you’ve got a skill that can be sold over the Internet, take advantage of it by all means. Those who have a flair for writing can take on freelance writing assignments, those who are good programmers can develop code for those who need it, and those who have a creative eye can enter the world of web design. All these positions are in high demand today, and you could earn quite a bit if you know how to balance your work and study, and also sacrifice a little bit of your social life. Click to continue reading…

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