Adobe Contest Winner: Costel Sandu

Costel just won $2,600 worth of Adobe software in the Adobe Contest that just ended.

For those that did not win, you can still buy all Adobe products at up to 80% discount if you are a student. Be sure to do it before you graduate to be eligible. Visit this link for more information:

Here is Costel’s logo which will be the new logo for our Leafaholic network:

Did Costel’s logo deserve his win? Do you think another one of the logos was better? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

Here are some of the participants:

Which logo is your favourite?

17 Thoughts on “Adobe Contest Winner: Costel Sandu”

  1. I believe the Winning logo is crap.
    I saw many better in here especially the following were the most attractive:


    This one wasn’t bad but the two above were simply too perfect:

    The other logos seems unprofessional but i loved this idea:

  2. 4th row, 3rd logo is the best.

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