What can make up do for you?

Hello, everyone! Although I originally considered that my first post, I’d like to post something unique… And extravagant, I was struck by the pangs of laziness, and thusly found myself looking at the most mundane of items on the internet, and placed here. This is my distraction from studying the practice MCAT book laying upon my desk, please, enjoy the fruits of my procrastination.

Rather interesting to think what society perceives as beauty, what lengths women go to achieve such appearances, and how deceiving it is. Although, I’m certainly not complaining.

Pic 1 - Make Up Pic 2 - Make Up

Pic - 3 Make Up Pic - 4 Make Up

Pic 6 - Make Up

Bush- Monkey

From: http://funhight.blogspot.com/

18 Thoughts on “What can make up do for you?”

  1. I am amazed by this. Those girls (and baboon) are not pretty at all before the make-up, but after, they are like super models.

  2. Reminds me of this Dove ad: http://youtube.com/watch?v=hibyAJOSW8U

  3. just simple makeup tricks can do wonders. its amazing.

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  5. […] What make-up can do for u?!! […]

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  7. I can image the face of the guy who met such girl in the club at night and then saw her without makeup in the morning :) It’s kind of a big surprise :D

  8. Gee whiz, and I thuoght this would be hard to find out.

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  18. What a wonderful post. I loved reading about how others view their writing lives. I've done DD's hint for several years. My box overflows with ideas written down in other places…bits and pieces of conversations overheard. It's that magical "research" that adds realism to dialogues.

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