The Benefits of Business School [Sponsored by U of Redlands]

Everybody knows that business school has numerous benefits. In this article we outline some of the key benefits so you can decide if it is the right choice for you.

Career Benefits:

Increase in Pay

Last year, people who had a BA in business earned on average 35% more than those without a degree. Getting a business degree while already employed led to higher-paying jobs and raises.

Job Security

Most corporate jobs seek people with business or engineering degrees. Without one of these two, finding a job will be much more difficult. In addition, getting a business degree while you already have a job will give you more opportunities for advancement and improve your job security.

Personal Benefits:

Interpersonal Relationships

Sure, you might list ‘interpersonal skills’ on your resume, but business school can actually improve how you interact with other people. You don’t need a psychology degree to understand how people expect you to behave and what is appropriate, but business school does help.

Business Skills

Going to business school can teach you some great business skills (who would have thought?). You will learn teamwork, strategic planning, how to manage people, problem-solving, and about the realities of business. Those skills can be used during your career, personal relationships, or if one day you want to run your own company. Learning those skills on your own can cost you a ton of money and a bunch of time. Someone who’s been there could have easily helped you avoid making the same mistakes they have made.

It Can Be Fun

In business school you will be learning how to make money, how to manage people, and how to think like a business person. It’s not just about studying for your exams; it’s about having fun learning with your classmates.


Those same classmates can make great connections for the future. In business school, you will learn about networking and it is a great place to start. Many of your classmates will have similar aspirations and will be great people to know.

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