Bid 4 My What? – New Auction Site to Take on the Big Guys

Brand new, out-of-the-shrink-wrap auction website offers a unique experience to the average Joe trying to sell his stuff online. I love their idea of simplify-ing the often complicated fee system (I’m not going to mention any names…). They offer free postings (What’s better than free?) and a simple $1 commission if your product sells. From what I could muster at eBay’s (oops, I guess I did mention a name :|) fee listings page, just to list an item it will probably cost you $1. Then, you still have to pay almost 10% of your earnings!!! What!? That’s just ridiculous! From now on I am only going to post my items on Bid4MyJunk and forget all the others. Anyone who wants some of my old textbooks will find them there. :)

One Thought on “Bid 4 My What? – New Auction Site to Take on the Big Guys”

  1. Great! I love it already. Now we just need to get enough people involved to make it worth my while to shop/sell there!

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