i’m famous! well… no.

So I was looking on Collegehumor.com one day, and I found this.


Guess what ladies and gentlemen? I could have been famous, because you know why?

Because I decided one day that I would browse cuteoverload.com. I found this little picture of the bunny, and decided to add some text and use it as my facebook profile picture. Low and behold, it’s now on over 500 sites/forums, and now appears on CollegeHumor.

But really I just wanted to share some funny picture with you guys and gals. Quite honestly it’s a pretty common idea, that I bet a lot of people did but didn’t release. :P

Here’s the original edit by me:

Original Bunny Cry

Jump to see the original image.

And here’s the original picture on CuteOverload (http://mfrost.typepad.com/cute_overload/2006/08/im_so_sorry.html)

Original bunny 2

[edit by chris: I reduced the size of the pictures and added a jump to not mess up the design of the page.]

8 Thoughts on “i’m famous! well… no.”

  1. Hilarious Nick. I never realized you made that picture. It’s so simple yet so creative.

  2. ^Grady, not me. But yes, bunny!

  3. Wait, who is Grady again? I’m just kidding. Sorry Grady, but nice job!

  4. What the heck Chris? Forgot me already? XD

  5. haha that’s so sad

  6. Heh, pretty solid. Way to become famous


  7. Cutest picture ever!

  8. Great picture! How long did the bunny hold that pose?

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