what not to do to your computer: bake it

burning computerWell here is an interesting story I read today:

Barb from LuckyWhiteGirl.com likes to store her computer in her oven. Yes, I found it strange too, but she explains herself by saying that it is because her windows do not have locks and she does that to keep it safe from burglars. From burglars it was safe, but it was not safe from her boyfriend GIL, who turned the oven on to bake some fries. He must have missed the large laptop computer sitting in there. Oops.

Well, that is not even the amazing part of the story. The amazing part is that the laptop actually worked after giving an error messaging saying that it overheated (I wonder what caused that to happen).

Here is a link to her post so you can see her melted laptop pictures and to give her some link love (although she doesn’t need it having been on the front page of Digg and all).

Moral of the story is the oven is a great place to hide your computer front burglars.

[picture taken by David Knudsen (dknudsen)]

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