Can College Students Have Fun while Studying?

If you’re like most college students out there, you probably think that it’s impossible to have fun while studying for an exam. It’s true that studying isn’t the most exciting activity out there, but there are certainly some ways in which you can amp up the level of entertainment.

Study Groups

One of the worst parts of studying is having to practically seclude yourself in your room or library for hours upon end. The barista at the library coffee shop is your only friend during your study session, and you start to get very lonely. Instead of studying by yourself, make a study group with classmates. When you don’t understand a certain topic, another student can explain it to you. Additionally, you can take breaks every so often just to chat.

Trivia Night

Have each member of your study group right a few questions regarding the topic and bring them to the next gathering. Each person can take a turn asking his or her questions. When someone gets a question right, award points to that individual. If the study group has a tutor, the tutor can be the one to ask all of the questions and keep score. Make an incentive to win the game. The loser might have to buy coffee for all of the others. Of course, money tends to be tight in college; therefore, you might decide that everyone else has to split the sole winner’s coffee.

Take Interesting Classes

Of course, this isn’t always possible. Every college has some core requirements and necessary classes that students must take. However, you also likely have some elective credit with which you are free to do as you want. Instead of taking whatever happens to be at a convenient time, opt for something in which you’re really interested such as ceramics, creative writing or forensics. Take a class because you want to, not because all of your friends are in it. When you’re studying a subject that you actually enjoy, it’s likely not going to feel as boring as others.

Take Regular Breaks

Another problem associated with studying is students feel as though the process is never going to end. They race through the textbook, so they can be finished with it for the night. Instead of going through everything in one long marathon, set up a break schedule. Study for 45 minutes, and then go for a 15 minute walk. Review your material for another 45 minutes, and take a break to watch your favorite show. You can also break the studying up into a few days. Of course, this doesn’t work if you’re a procrastinator and tend to cram for exams.

It’s likely that studying is never going to be the most exciting activity in the world, and many college students will never put it on their lists of “fun things to do.” However, it doesn’t have to be entirely excruciating. Just try to infuse entertaining elements into the process, and take regular breaks to give your mind some breathing time.

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  1. Studying together in groups is what makes college fun!

  2. Yes, College students have fun while studying. If colleges will take interesting classes then this will help students in the study with fun.

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