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Below is an interview with our very own, editor-in-chief and master-of-seduction, Christopher Mendes. The interview was conducted by Tonya of

Tonya: The days of going to college for your “MRS degree” were not so long ago. Many college students still intend to get married when they graduate. What should a college student do to make sure their college love is the love of their life? That being said, how common is it these days for a student to graduate without any plans for a wedding in the near future?

Christopher: If you have been together for a least a few years (i.e., most of college), you should know if the person you are dating is marriage-worthy or just a complete bum. But if they are a complete bum, it really says a lot about you…and you should probably go find someone else. Like right away. Do it. Now. Anyway, the average age for men to get married in the United States is 28 and for women it is 26-27. Most people wait until about half a decade after college to do it.

Tonya: Let’s be honest, if you don’t meet your friends in class, you meet them at parties or bars. While these are certainly great places to meet people, what would you say are the top places in college to meet quality, potentially relationship ready, people?

Christopher: From a man’s perspective: One of the best places to meet relationship-type girls is in class. Most of the typical places men hit on women are the worst places to do it. To meet good friends, pick an activity, club, or sport and go for it!

Tonya: What is your opinion on dating sites? More specifically, should college students look to dating sites to find love? Have they become that mainstream?

Christopher: Yes, dating sites have definitely become mainstream! A few good friends of mine tried them a few years back when they were starting to get more popular but today everybody is doing it and it is not weird any more.

Tonya: Should college students be concerned about finding love during college? What would you say to those who are graduating not only with no intention to get married anytime soon, but single?

Christopher: I think of college as more of a time to have fun. Thinking about a serious relationship may not be the best way to do it. Relationships are fun and it is definitely fun being in a relationship but that should not be someone’s priority. The intention to stay single, that definitely should not be anyone’s priority.

Tonya: College is often a mix of people from other countries and cultural backgrounds. When is it too soon to ask about the personal issues, like religion for example? Is the first date too soon?

Christopher: I don’t think so. Usually these ‘taboo’ or ‘hot’ topics like religion and politics will ruin relationships or make them stronger. It is best to know where you stand with your potential partner on the issues that are important to you, if they are that important to you.

Tonya: If you met someone while under the influence of alcohol, is it a good idea to call that person the next morning and express your interest in them?

Christopher: It is better than regretting not doing it later! Life’s short; do it!

Tonya: What about teachers? Perhaps professors are out of place, but teacher’s assistants and graduates students often assist in teaching classes and even grading papers. When is it and when isn’t it appropriate to pursue a relationship with these individuals?

Christopher: Relationships between students and TA’s are a lot more common than you think! The best policy is to always wait until the semester is over before starting the relationship.

Tonya: Another common scenario is that a freshman meets a senior student whom he or she is infatuated with. Is it okay to pursue that relationship? What are things freshmen should be cautious when dating a senior?

Christopher: In general if the freshman is the woman and the senior is the man, it is more widely acceptable. But that is not always the case. I would say go for it. What’s the worst that can happen (as long as both parties are over 18)? The potential problems with dating a senior: the senior will soon be graduating, looking for jobs or applying to graduate school, his/her friends will be significantly older and may look down on you for being ‘immature’.

Tonya: My last question is another common scenario, long distance relationships. Sometimes the lover is left in high school, is at another college or graduates and moves away. What is your best advice to maintaining a long distance relationship and keeping it strong?

Christopher: Buy two webcams, install Skype.

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