Firefox Shortcuts to Use to Save Time During Boring Lectures

Here are some smart shortcuts to use in your Firefox to save you some time. Some of them take a little getting used to, but it will seriously make you twice as productive at being unproductive by browsing the web. I have bolded the shortcuts I find most useful.

ctrl+t : new tab

middle mouse button : new tab if mouse is over a link

ctrl+w : close tab

ctrl+tab : next tab

ctrl+page down : next tab

ctrl+page up : previous tab

alt+num (1, 2, 3, …) : go to tab

ctrl+shift+t : open recently closed tabs

ctrl+r : refresh tab content

ctrl+shift+r : force-refresh tab content

ctrl+u : view tab source

alt+left arrow : back

alt+right arrow : forward

alt+home : home

ctrl+l : select address bar

F6 : select address bar

ctrl+k : select search bar

ctrl+k+down arrow : toggle search engine down

ctrl+k+up arrow : toggle search engine up

Also, if you are extra handy with that mouse, you can try the Mouse Gestures Redox plugin.

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