The Flu to Not in 24 Hours!

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It is flu season again. This is how I cured the flu in 24 hours:


Take one multivitamin in the morning and if you are regularly taking multivitamins also half of one at night. Being deprived of vitamins will not help you get any better and vitamin C has been shown to make your immune system stronger. Keep your immunities high. Be sure to eat at least a little bit before taking your multivitamins so that your body can process all the vitamins.


When we are sick, we usually do not have much of an appetite. It is important to eat however in order to get nutrients and vitamins to help you get better. Some foods that always taste good even when I am sick are organic apples, apples sauce, soy milk and granola, rice and beans, bananas, pasta, and tomato soup. Soy milk also always makes my throat feel better if it was feeling dry and scratchy and rice and beans contain all the protein you need during the day without having to eat tough foods.


I don’t mean alcohol here. You will want to stay away from things with alcohol and caffeine as they will dehydrate you. Make sure to drink plenty of water. You should be getting more than the 8 cups you are normally supposed to get in a day—and even more if you are having stomach problems. Also, tea is a great choice and will bring some flavor to your water.


Take a day off. Skip school and work if you can either make up the work or if the class just sucks. Sometimes even a fraction of your Physics attendance percentage point lost is worth it if you get better quicker. All you should be worried about is getting better. Plus you do not want to make other people sick like that girl you made out with last night made you sick.

Watch TV

TV is a big time-waster and generally it is good to stay away from it unless it is Monday night at 9pm and you are watching Heroes on NBC or unless you are trying to get over your cold. Watching a lot of TV will make that horrible time of running noses and headaches pass quicker. Plus, TV usually helps some people fall asleep. Just be sure to go outside.

Go Outside

Be sure to spend at least 15 to 30 minutes outside even when you are sick. If you do not your body will not be able to process that vitamin D from the multivitamin you took in the morning. Also going outside is a great way to get some fresh non-stuffy air unlike the air inside your closed-window apartment.

Be Healthy

You know how to be healthy. Just make sure to wash your hands, eat healthy foods, take a shower, get some fresh air, etc. You will be better in no time. Let me know in the comments below if you know of any secret methods to get over a cold or the flu.

2 Thoughts on “The Flu to Not in 24 Hours!”

  1. I’m sorry but I heartily disagree with this column, influenza cannot simply be got rid of within 24 hours, it will take at least 5 days to come out of your system. A different virus may have disappeared within such a time but not Flu I’m afraid.

    I did a lot of research whilst I was having a horrible time immobilized by the flu and you basically have to wait it out with painkillers and anti inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen and cocodamol until it’s gone.

    I found some interesting information about how to prevent it (aside from a jab) and that is to spend more time outside in general. A study found that far less people who were out door workers contracted the illness compared to people who work in warm offices all the time. This is because their immune systems are toughened up with the instillation of the elements.

    Well presented article though

  2. Mark Twain did a research paper saying that when one was ill, one should fast.
    If one cannot fast, one should eat chicken soup and/or veggies/fruit.

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