Friday Funnies and the Return of Booze Reviews

Next week marks our first birthday and in traditional hobbit form (thanks Michael, my Lord of the Rings informant), we will be giving out presents instead of receiving them. ‘Cause that’s just the way we roll!

Due to popular demand, Booze Reviews will be coming back to College Being. Nick, one of our occasional writers started the idea with Pabst Blue Ribbon and since, we have reviewed Newcastle Brown Ale, Killian’s Irish Red, Red Stripe, and others. Due to the recent emails I have been getting on the topic, we will start doing Booze Reviews for all you beer drinkers, wine fanatics, and alcoholics that visit College Being.

Also, I will be starting the Friday Funnies. They will consist of small and long, but usually short, jokes every Friday. Fridays are not meant to be taken seriously so we will go to the ends of the Earth to bring you the best jokes to brighten up the fact that your Friday is not yet over and you have to go through eight more hours of work/school. Suckers. :)

Feel free to tip us with any jokes you find extraordinarily funny.


2 Thoughts on “Friday Funnies and the Return of Booze Reviews”

  1. Sweet, I get to start doing booze reviews again!

  2. Straight up Nick. I have been keeping notes on the beers I drink on my cell phone so I am ready to roll!

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