Glory Daze – Show Introduction

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Glory Daze is TBS’s exciting new comedy about a group of freshman college students joining an average but fun fraternity. Hilarity ensues. The show takes place during 1986 and there are plenty of inside jokes and 80s music for those that know about the era.

The show centers around four main characters:

Joel (Kelly Blatz): Joe is your average Joe—a character anyone can relate to. He is a pre-med student and often referred to simply as “Pre-med”. He has an over-bearing and over-large father (Robert Barone, “Everybody Loves Raymond”) who is strongly against fraternities and a very strange roommate (Zack Miller). He falls in love with Christie (Julianna Guill), who turns out to be the girlfriend of his fraternity’s president (Eric Nenninger). Though Joel is initially focusing on his pre-med program, his friends, love interest, and creepy roommate independently push him towards joining a fraternity.

Eli (Matt Bush): Eli is a small Jewish guy is is very proud of his heritage. He always pretends to be a ladies man though, not surprising to his friends, is actually a very shy virgin. Joel often does things without thinking including branding himself with the fraternity’s Greek letters in episode 1. Joel’s dentist father seems to be going through a mid-life crisis and has changed his name and grown a pony tail. During his first night with the fraternity, Joel gets very stoned, steals a painting, and gets his friends thrown naked into jail. Joel’s roommate is Chang, an Asian guy who sometimes parties with the very secretive Asiain frat but otherwise is seem studying in his room.

Jason (Drew Seeley): Jason is a WASP, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant. He loves President Reagan and along with his girlfriend Julie (Natalie Dreyfuss) appears to be some of the only Republicans in college. Jason decided to join the Omega Sig fraternity due to his friends’ influence and after an unpleasant experience with the fraternity his wealthy and influential father wanted him to join. Jason is constantly at conflict with both his girlfriend and his father for having joined such an average fraternity.

Brian (Hartley Sawyer): Brain is an all-American baseball star. His coach does not approve of his choice of friends but does support him and even bails the four guys out of jail in the first episode. He develops a fatherly relationship with his assistant coach after an awkward instant where Brain assumes the coach wants him to impregnate the coach’s wife. Brain is mostly just a background character accompanying the main three on their adventures, but he shines in the fourth episodes where he converts a girl who hates jocks.

These four friends go on all sorts of adventures together including getting thrown in jail with nothing but their underwear, getting their car stolen while they were getting a fake ID from a creepy guy who still lives at home named Marcus (Kevin Nealon, “Weeds”), buying the mysterious Enbrau beer for their equally mysterious 30-something frat brother Stankowski (Chris D’Elia), meeting a sarcastic priest (Andy Richter, “Conan”) who mentions he has taken a vow of celibacy every 30 seconds or so, and the various interactions with the always-in-a-bad-mood Professor Haines (Tim Meadows, “Saturday Night Live”).

Here is an interview with the hilarious Tim Meadows on Conan:

View all episodes to-date online for free at then catch Glory Daze Tuesdays at 10/9c on TBS.

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