Happy Birthday!

Today is our birthday. We are celebrating one year of happily reporting a bunch of junk and hopefully at least some entertainment and helpful lessons. We hope you continue to visit out site for years to come.

This will be the 242nd published article on the site. Boy what a bunch of work. Here are some of our earliest posts to bring back some memories:

USB-powered: Pictures of some of the most useful and useless USB-powered appliances. This was our first post ever. We have come a long way.

The Loo Read: For those who cannot take a one minute break from work, not even to shit.

And some of our most popular posts over the last year:

No Sex Tonight: It is unfair how women have a power over men. I call it the sex power. Find out what power we have over them.

Hottest Student Bodies: I figure this is actually only a popular post because of the strongly searched keyword “hottest student bodies.” I alone search that keyword on Google about 20 times each day.

Death Prank and Lower Back Tattoo Remover: Need no explanation. Just watch them. They’re funny.

Teacher Teaches Kid a Lesson: Coincidentally, also what I call one of my reoccurring dreams… That has nothing to do with the article at all, sorry.

To sum it all up: We love you!

Let us know anything you would like us to change in the comments below.

-The College Being Team

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