Furthering Your Healthcare Administration Career by Earning a Degree Online


Just because you already have a job in healthcare administration does not mean that you can’t further your career by continuing your education. Balancing a full time job and school can be a tough challenge. It can be difficult enough trying to balance a full time job and still have some time leftover to enjoy life. We have all heard the saying, “All work and no play makes for a dull day.” This is true, but any good career choice is going to take a certain amount of sacrifice.

However, there is some good news. It is now easier than ever to continue working, and further your education at the same time. Technology has brought us many great things. One of which is online learning. Taking an online class is simple, and it offers great benefits. If you are currently working full time in healthcare administration, and you are considering furthering your career, then take a closer look at online learning.

Learning at Your Own Pace

Every single one of us is different. In traditional schools, you are stuck learning at a pace that the school or professor dictates. This pace could be too fast for you, or you might find that the pace is a little too slow. Online learning gives students the ability to learn at their own pace.

You may find that with online classes, it is much easier to earn a degree. You may be able to complete the course at a much faster pace. On the other hand, you may like the fact that you can take your own time finishing the course. Working a full day makes it difficult to have enough energy left to take on a full day of school. Online classes will give students the ability to finish the course over a longer period of time if that is what they desire. Many students are earning their Master’s in healthcare administration online in half the time that it would take a regular brick and mortar school.

Choose When You Want to Attend Class

Another excellent benefit of pursuing an online education is the ability to attend class when it is most convenient for you. Traditional schools make it extremely difficult for a person that already has a full time job to attend. Most jobs in healthcare administration are typically 9-5 jobs. These are the same hours that most traditional schools expect students to attend. Online schools are much different. Students can choose to go to class whenever they feel like it. It could be at five o’clock in the morning, or it could be at midnight. This added freedom is often one of the single most important reasons that people choose an online class over a traditional class.

Lower Costs

Working a full-time job does not automatically mean that you will be able to afford to attend classes at a traditional school. Online classes are often cheaper than a traditional school. Online schools do not have the same amount of expenses that a traditional school does. They don’t have to pay for a huge campus, and they don’t have to pay for an expensive maintenance crew to maintain the campus. The campus is anywhere the student wants it to be.

There is also another way that online classes lower the cost of attending school. Many online classes do not require physical textbooks for students to purchase. A lot of the curriculum is available online in the form of downloadable files or streaming videos.

Learn from Industry Experts

Many online classes will have some of the best professors. Working online gives professors the ability to be located anywhere in the world. Online schools are not stuck with professors that live locally. They can choose from professors that are located anywhere. This benefits students greatly by giving them the best professors in the world.

Get Assistance from Your Employer

It is not unusual for employers to help pay the expenses associated with an employee furthering their education. Many employers will either directly cover the costs of tuition, or they may offer a reimbursement program. If you are currently employed, make sure that you ask your employer if they offer any sort of financial assistance for furthering your education.

Health administration careers are in extremely high demand. This field is one industry that is expected to see massive growth within the next few years. Furthering your education in healthcare administration can only lead to a brighter future.

8 Thoughts on “Furthering Your Healthcare Administration Career by Earning a Degree Online”

  1. Online schools- to me- seem be the most beneficial in terms of cost. Otherwise, I personally prefer traditional campuses. I understand that approach isn’t for everyone, though.

  2. I got my degree online, but I think I really missed out on the whole “college experience,” as your article stated.

  3. There are pros and cons to this degree, for sure. And they are all worth exploring before you dive headfirst into this program.

  4. There’s a lot of good information to glean out of here. I’ve been talking to a lot of people about enrolling in an online program, likely not a health care admin degree, though.

  5. I don’t know if I’m self-disciplined to attend school online. The internet has many pros and many cons and my attention span doesn’t respond well to some of them. Nonetheless, this was interesting.

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