Last Chance to Vote

In continuation to our Are You Voting? and our Don’t Vote! post here is another for those of you that want to make a difference. I received the following email from a strange email address, but the information is still valid. Register and get your absentee ballots now:

Last Chance to Register and Vote!

In most states (including MA) today (Monday) is the last opportunity to register and vote.

If you are from a key swing state in the upcoming presidential election, you are in a privileged position to affect the outcome (assuming you are a US citizen age 18 or over). Please consider using your special status to vote in your home state, where it will count most. If you have already registered in Massachusetts (or elsewhere) that is OK, you can still register and vote absentee in your home state, so long as it is still your permanent residence (e.g., your parents live there). Of course you must only vote in one or the other.

Here is all you need to do to vote absentee in another state: Just download the voter registration and absentee ballot request forms by going to this page and clicking on your state. Then fill out the two forms (voter registration and absentee ballot request), and mail them together, enclosing a copy of your drivers license or non-drivers state ID (with your home address on it). On the forms, use your residence address in your homestate that corresponds to your state ID. Give your BU address only as a mailing address on the absentee ballot request. Remove the cover page and send the two forms and a copy of your ID to the clerk’s address for your county. If you don’t know your county, look it up at If you are already registered, just send in the absentee ballot request, which does not need a copy of ID. If you have any special situation, find complete information at

Hurry: this material must be postmarked by Monday October 6.

Do it now! It really is simple.

Note from the editor: Not all registration dates and absentee ballot application dates are October 6th, but many states are not far off so get off your ass and send that one-page piece of paper!

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