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CollegeCandy’s Guide to On-Campus Jobs

College Candy has a guide to five of the most useful college jobs including being a tutor, bartender, sports staff, and more.

Desk Job: […] If you can snag one of these jobs, you will be envied by ALL of your friends. Basically you are getting paid to do your homework.

[Also, here are 3 Jobs You Can Start While Still In College.]

the only advice in college

Nathan from How to Spell College says to sleep, cram, don’t cram, ask questions, be extroverted, and about ten more useful tips including:

stay true to yourself—but when something whispers in your ear that you might be wrong, don’t be afraid of listening to it: change a bit, experiment, balance.

Are You A Social Media Oversharer?

Christie, from College Candy, also gives some useful advice:

Personal hygiene is known as personal hygiene for a reason, and strangely enough, I don’t want to know when you’re hopping in the shower and curling your hair. And I really don’t know when you are feeling bloated; you don’t see me posting on your wall about how heavy my period may or may not be.

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