Lord of the Rings Easter Egg – Elijah Wood pranked by Dominic Monaghan [Friday Funnies]

An Easter egg from the Lord of the Rings DVDs shows Elijah Wood pranked by Dominic Monaghan. Hilarity ensues:

This Easter egg is located on the Return of the King: Extended Edition DVD.

Here is how to find it according to eeggs.com:

  1. Insert Disk 1 (Part One)

  2. Go to “Select a scene”

  3. On the right-hand side of the screen are the groups of scenes. Highlight the last group (33-36) and press “Enter”

  4. Once in this group, highlight (don’t press enter) scene 36 “The Siege of Gondor”

  5. The press “down” once on your remote and a little ring will appear next to *New Scene (which is written down the bottom of the page next to **Extended scene)

  6. Press “Enter” and Elijah Wood will come onto the screen congratulating you on finding the Easter Egg.

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