Mario Kart in Real Life

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  1. GlsÃwkc¼¼nÃche an Betti und Andi!Zur weiteren Motivation wär’s aber schon schön, wenn jeder Teilnehmer die eigenen Fotos bekommen würde. Und die Werte hab ich mir auch nicht gemerkt…

  2. Ég komst aldrei svo langt. Fékk bara að vita að ég þyrfti samþykki Morgunblaðsins, og að borga fyrir vinnuna sem færi í að taka upplýsingarnar saman.Ég myndi frekar kaupa mér ljóðabók.

  3. Liebe Jerusalempilger!In Gedanken und Gebeten bei Euch, wünsche ich eine gute und bereichernde Zeit auf dem Weg zum Ziel unserer Sehnsucht.Gebhard aus Graz

  4. (proud pinay) ako, diko pa nakikita baby mo… meron na nga ba? hinahanap ko e, wala ako makita..hehehe si baby ko, ang kulit kulit na nga nyan. tingnan mo sa pic, mana ata kay papa, ang hilig magpatawa..hahaha si daddy nya kasi suplado sa personal.. ;)

  5. I love the new microfiber design. I have quite a few pieces of the older style microfiber and I love them, but the new circle and chevron combo is awesome!

  6. . Sadly, the stones the admin casts turn into tsunamis, which 900 Grant hopes will wipe out the traditional neighborhood schools. We need to band together to stand against these powers.

  7. AKAIK you’ve got the answer in one!

  8. Another great article, and so good to see them here in Falmouth. Lets hope they dont take so long to come back again. I have to say what a nice group they all were. A paselure to meet them.

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