New Features to Play With :)

I have been working hard these last two days to make College Being a whole lot better for you guys. Let me go over some of the things I have done so you can congratulate me already.

  • Open registration. For the first time ever at College Being, anyone can register!
  • An RSS feed. Check out the HUGE button on the right! Stay up-to-date without needing to come to As an added bonus, if you like just one specific author, you may subscribe to just his or her RSS feed. This is also a first for us. We are RSS virgins.
  • A Tip Us Page so tip us! Feel free to send anything remotely interesting. Even if it does not make it onto the site, it will keep me wake during Psychology of Personality.
  • Pictures of authors in every post, given that the authors have uploaded a picture on their profile. See what the authors look like or notice how similar we look to Brad Pitt.
  • Pictures of registered members when they post in the comments section. “How weird, he also looks extremely like Brad Pitt.”
  • Special formating on the comments to show who is the author of the post.
  • A list of our “Best Users.” Write lots of comments and get a free link from us. Not to brag or anything, but we do have a PR of four! Four! Just remember to post your URL when writing comments.
  • An opt-in mailing list (you can later opt-out as well) with a weekly summary of what is going on at College Being. Get information only on the categories you find interesting.
  • A cache system so that our site can handle all the future submissions to Digg, StumbleUpon, etc.
  • A neat, little archive page so that you can waste a lot of time and look at all our old posts like this one or this one.
  • New theme, though I already mentioned it in this post. All that remains is changing that awful-looking header at the top. Any suggestions?

That’s all.


15 Thoughts on “New Features to Play With :)”

  1. You did a great job! I love the new look! :)

  2. Thank you, Amy.

  3. Chris good job on the site but you need to sleep some. I am guess it is pretty late there in the U.S. And I am on the best user list!

  4. I agree with the others. I love the design. Did you do it yourself?

  5. I am frequent user of collegebieng and i can honestly say i love the new layout. Keep up the excellent work guys!

    – Joe Reyes

  6. So much more space = more refreshing

  7. Love the simple header but if you want me to design something for you contact me at this email address.

  8. Nice job dude! My interwebs have been down for a couple days so I haven’t seen the new site till now.

    Though, I must point out that the only reason I can convince people I look like Brad Pitt is because I don’t have a picture.

  9. Thanks everyone!

    @Jeff: I did do it myself.

    @hen: Check your email.

    @Nick: Than you. Good luck with your interwebs. No internet is no fun. Also, if you do feel like adding a picture login, go into the admin pages, and click on your name at the top right. It is the last item on that page.

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