new records

So it’s Sunday night and now that I quit my regular job to work on my company, I don’t have to get up early tomorrow morning. Why does that matter? Well, for me it means I get to drink a few beers before sleeping and for you it means that you will get a friendly little message from me on a Sunday.

Today marks a new record for college being, and I wanted to thank all of our visitors (especially those who send wonderful emails) for supporting us and continuing to support us.

The last four days we have had record numbers of visitors. Thursday and Friday we got over 4,700 unique visitors each day and Saturday we got about 5,700. Today though, we got an all-time record of 6,348. Thanks everyone and keep it up! I will try to post more stories than usual this week to keep you guys happy.



[added August 15, 2007: It seems like the day after I wrote this we hit a new record: 8,776 unique visitors. Keep it up guys!]

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  1. Hooray, we’re popular!

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