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I don’t like to waste my time doing useless things like washing my hair. So when someone comes up to me and says, “Hey Ace, try out this PERT Plus 2-in-1 Shampoo-Conditioner (and do a review on it),” I was all like “Heck yeah! I’d love to work while I shower and shampoo while I condition.” That’s like 4-in-1… or something…

Seriously now, I really do not like to waste time (and water) showering. Unfortunately, I have Justin Beiber hair to please my girlfriend so I need to condition it. I have tried those CVS-brand 2-in-1 conditioners before but, to be honest, they are pretty crappy. I was a little hesitant to try PERT for this reason.

So I don’t know anything about shampoo and conditioners so here is my very basic synopsis of my experience:

I look at the bottle. “Not tested on animals.” I approve. I open the bottle and poof a little air out so I can smell it. It has a good smell to it. Nothing fruity or weird. Just a normal shampoo smell like it should have. I pour some into my hand. Oww, it’s so green and milky…

Okay, actually, I’ll just stop there before this gets any weirder. PERT Plus met all my satisfactions and exceeded my expectations. It smells nice, cleans your hair, and keeps it moisturised. If you are one of those people who perm their hair or bleach-dye it, it will probably not be the product for you. But if you want something that actually does what it says, looks awesome (come on, it’s green!), and you just need to get up and ready in 5 minutes for that class you are running late to, then try this out.


[Editor’s note: This contest is now closed. We would like to thank all the participants and PERT Plus for helping us make this a posibility. The winner is saggel.]

To enter for your chance to win a few months* supply of PERT Plus (and a complimentary baseball and T-shirt), let us know how many times you wash your hair by posting in the comments below. The last day to enter is Sunday, October 23.

[*Winner will receive 2 bottles of PERT Plus, a baseball, and a T-shirt. Shipping will be free of charge. Anyone can enter.]

7 Thoughts on “PERT Plus Contest”

  1. I wash my hair about 5 times each week.

  2. I wash my hair every single morning.

  3. I was my hair every night.

  4. I have long hair and I wash it every other day.

  5. Who doesn’t shower everyday? I do!

  6. There is no medical reason to shower every day, I only show once every three days.

  7. This contest is now closed. Thanks everyone! saggel is the randomly-chosen winner!

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