Simplify Your Life: Turn Off the Cell Phone

As I was walking home from class today, I noticed a group of three people huddled together. They each had their cell phones out and were looking at them. You could tell they were friends, but you could also tell how distracted they were with their shinny new phones (one of them had the new iPhone, I noticed).

My two friends

I had a friend that came up to visit me for a weekend. During that entire time I saw more of the top of her head, as she was looking at her Sidekick, than her face. It was annoying.

I have another friend who does not even own a cell phone. Can you believe that? She just has a home phone and Facebook and we still seem to see her all the time. She is a much happier person than the first.

Why not turn off the cell phone?

When you’re with your friends, your loved ones, or in class do you really need your cell phone on and answering every text message you get? It reminds me of those workaholic business men that forget about their families (but that’s still better than my dad who always wanted to “hang out” with me and my friends when we went out to the movies).

Why not try turning off the cell phone every once in a while. Start off slow so people can get accustomed to it. They will eventually learn how to reach you once you train them properly. Then, life will be simpler.

Seriously, why not?

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