America’s Smartest Slacker Contest: Win $1,000 and more!

CourseSmart, the largest provider of eTextbooks and digital course materials, and CollegeHumor, are looking for students who work smarter, not harder. Think you have a shot at being America’s Smartest Slacker?

Submit a brief written essay about your best “slacker” story for the chance to win $1,000, a year of free eTextbooks from CourseSmart, the reigning title of “America’s Smartest Slacker,” and have your story turned into an animated video on CollegeHumor.

To enter, submit your essay at

CourseSmart and CollegeHumor will select the winning essay based on how smart and creative the academic shortcut (with big results) was and, of course, humor.

Submissions are being accepted now through Monday, February 7th. The deadline is approaching fast, so don’t be a slacker about this.

[This contest is open to U.S. college students over the age of 18. Sorry to our international users.]

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